waiting at suzuki

danny waiting

This is Danny waiting for orchestra to start at Virginia Suzuki Institute, just like everybody has been waiting, and waiting and waiting for me to post.  Sorry.  But I have exactly 2.5 minutes before we have to leave for the morning of classes, so I’ll give you two photos as a promise of more stories and pictures and videos (oh you just wait until you see these videos!!!) to come.



And I promise, while I’m sitting in the classes that don’t require extensive parental note taking to learn how to get the pictures from my phone into my computer.  I love my phone, but the only way I’ve figured out how to do it so far is to email them to myself as attachments, and there is such spotty cell phone coverage on this beautiful wooded campus in the mountains that I need to find a more efficient way.

Off to make music.  I have missed you!!!


7 thoughts on “waiting at suzuki

  1. Oh, how we have missed you too! Love to see your pictures and hear your stories, especially on this adventure each year. I know you enjoy it as much as the kids! I like Elizabeth A. can’t get over how much he’s grown! Love and hugs!!

  2. So happy to see pictures of Danny and to know you are in one of your favorite places. Ditto on Danny. Love and hugs.

  3. Wow- great to read a post from you! Danny is growing up so fast! 🙂 enjoy your time in that beautiful place with him!

  4. Hey! Is that thing on D’s left shoulder something that was made w the help of the musician engineers with whom Adrian Anatawan put you in contact? Can hardly wait for the videos & your safe return home.

    For what it’s worth, mailing photos is my preferred method. The other method involves a cable & mounting my phone as a disk drive. Emailing a photo to myself is a lot easier in my opinion.

  5. Hello, I have followed your blog for awhile. I am from South Africa. You are an amazing mom! I hope you are well. Could you email me – I would like to ask your advise regarding the Aricept you have given your little one..Thank-you so much, Kind regards Celia (celiac@discovery.co.za)

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