close to home…. praying for Martin.


Hitting close to home as you drive 400 miles away….  There’s nothing like preparing for a trip to remind me that Danny needs extra – extra time, extra attention to details (like serious OCD attention to details) and extra equipment.  LOTS of extra stuff.



We were on our way to Nashville, TN for the National Scholastic Chess Championships when we got the news that our dear friends from church, the Liberto family, had learned that their newest baby boy, 25 weeks gestation, had a heart defect generally considered incompatible with life.  His name is Martin.  There is a possibility that he may qualify for in utero surgery, more about that later.



We’ve been there.  Poor prenatal diagnosis, long NICU stay, losing a little boy in the delivery room, only getting to hold him for just a few minutes.  And we are still there.  Danny’s heat issues are metabolic, not anatomic, but all I could think about as I set up his oxygen in the hotel room was, “Please, God, let Martin live, his parents would LOVE to haul an ICU around in the back of their van if it means that they get to keep their baby.”  And no, I was not joking.



Here’s the deal.  They will find out tomorrow if they qualify for this surgery.  If they do, it must happen within one week.  If that happens, within one week they need to be in boston for the world’s scariest surgery, recovery, until delivery, and then NICU.  There are Martin’s still-very-small siblings to take care of, and David has a job… worying more, no doubt Boston is out of netwok for their insurance 🙂


But it will be all worth it, if they decide it’s the best option for their son.

You can get all the details on their caringbridge site

Without permission, since I am hoping they are all asleep, here’s a photo of Martin:



So.  Please pray.  Please beg your own bloggie friends to storm the heavens on his behalf.  Viral prayer, that would be good.  Post and copy liberally.  I have been on the receiving end of miracles that no doubt happened because of the power of so many mamas praying together… and nobody said that “two or more gathered in my name” had to be on the same sofa…

AND… if they end up in Boston, no doubt they will need help.  Let’s start thinking about that.

Finally, I wonder what we can do for fundraising for them…. carefully, respectfully?  Any suggestions, I”m all ears.

Tomorrow, updates on baby Martin, and chess news.  Sam is here with his amazing team from the NC school of math and science, they sent 6 brilliant young men who have been playing chess together since they were four and five.  This is their last nationals together… and Brian, rated near the top of his section, my most likely to bring home a trophy taller than George.  Then Danny, only 2 are here from his school, but he’s ready to have his best tournament ever.  Even with all the equipment.  Even after the NICU stay and the heart failure and the oxygen…  It’s not easy, but it’s good.  I will pray that Martin’s story turns out like Danny’s….although their beginning certainly is more exciting…

So send me your ideas.  Thanks.  And pray, and leave a message on their caringbidge site.  post on facebook.  We really, really need a miracle here.



5 thoughts on “close to home…. praying for Martin.

  1. Off the top of my head…

    -If they end up in a Ronald McDonald House, maybe make contributions toward paying for their nightly stay.
    -Gift cards for Walmart/Target for things like toiletries, diapers, and whatever is needed to get through their stay.

  2. Praying for them all Elizabeth! Praising God also that they have you and your family as an example to guide them.

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