Addendum to “how to wash fleece” : Favorite vendor list

So many spinners and want-to-spinners up in the middle of the night needing info! Wow!

Here is my very, very favorites list. No photos, just website addresses. All these shops are owned and run by friends, who take the most excellent care of their customers.

Beautiful Cormo fleeces, white and naturally colored, but this is her last year:  I think she will list the last of this year’s fleeces in May, so if you’re interested, email her and get on the list

Fine Cormo, Merino Targhee fleeces. Often with really good deals on ebay.  They are very honest about the color, quality, length of their fleeces.  They sell some very short staple lamb fleeces, which I would avoid for beginners… but they are clearly identified.  If you’re not a beginner, you’ve neve felt anything as soft as one of their little lamb fleeces… challenging to spin but worth it.

If you want to buy top, roving, cashmere, silk, pre-dyed wool (i.e. you just want to open the box and start spinning… also has dyes) .  If you’re looking for yak, baby alpaca, 150’s merino, camel down…. Coopermoose is your store.  When he makes hand spindles, they are the very best.

I bought my most loved wheel from Toni at The Fold.  She really truly can help you figure out which wheel is best for your needs, skills, budget… and she is the best to fix spinning emergencies.  She also has fiber, fleece, supplies, etc…  I will detour a LONG way on a family trip to stop at her shop.

The Woolery is a great source for all spinning and weaving supplies.  New band for your wheel?  Extra bobbins?  Spindles?  They have ALL the cotton spinning supplies.  Best source for books, videos on anything fiber-related, also natural dye info and supplies…  And their catalog is fun, to look at all the looms and wheels…

There are lots more shops and vendors out there, but these are my very favorites.  They will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you need, and they are fair, honest and good.


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