How exactly Emily got to Idaho

Emily at 2 years old, on her way to her first morning of preschool, the same place George goes now.

Emily at 17 years old, prom night.

Somewhere in there, my artist baby decided she wanted to be a scientist, too.  And while she never stopped being a poet, and she continued to do phenomenal things with her music,

she somehow managed to get her dual enrollment things all done at Myers Park and the NC school of science and math…. and decided that despite the fact that college educated adults were competing for the jobs at the mall and at the fast food places, that she would figure out what were the best lab research jobs in the US for physics and start applying.

Our decision was that if she was going to take a far away research lab job, it couldn’t be a net financial loss for the summer.  Most of these jobs are unpaid internships, so by the time you fly there, pay housing, eat…. well, it adds up and we decided it wouldn’t be possible, even if it was very interesting.

So that eliminated all but the most elite summer research programs… the ones that took maybe one of every five hundred qualified applicants, the ones that paid a salary greater than minimum wage and provided housing….  and she waited and she waited, and she interviewed and she interviewed.  The longer it took the more easily I rested, assuming that if she were going to get an offer we would have heard already.

Then happy physics major daughter gets a summer job offer at the National Nuclear Lab in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  With a salary.  With housing.  With an amazing job (back to my artist baby again) making science training videos.   Quietly admits to mama that she is, indeed, the only girl, but what do you expect…. she was the only girl in her math class, one of only a few girls in the rest of her science classes.

So she turns away from me, finally, in the airport, with her backpack full of computer parts and her viola in her right hand, must be carried on, too precious to check.    And she got there safely, the people are nice and the work is hard but good.  She is truly grateful to be working, especially grateful to be working in her field.  And I miss her dreadfully.


27 thoughts on “How exactly Emily got to Idaho

    • I keep checking back for newer entries, but there hasn’t been any since this one in June. I hope and pray that everything is fine with the family, and the summer kept everyone busy. Hope all is well with the family.

      • I too keep checking occasionally to see how you are doing. I have read your blog for quite some time and hope and pray you are doing better. Hope you are able to come back online soon. God bless!

  1. WOW ~ I know you must be proud of her!!! That is wonderful! (Easy for me to say with my littles still here at home! LOL!)

  2. Such a proud moment for all involved!! I am always amazed at how very brave our children are. I have a question for you. Is she looking to go to the NC School of Science and Math for school next year? I only ask because my nephew, Taylor Brockman, went there, and had a pretty great experience. I am going to attach this link for you to peek at, but the short story is that he and his roommate from school, Judd Bowman, now offer a scholarship. This particular article was dated Sept. 2011 explaining the origination of the endowment, but it may be one that she would like to apply for. I would also be happy to put in an awesome word for her. Taylor has an amazing heart.

  3. Congratulations, homeschooling Mama! And you’re making me cry to think of your first chickidee leaving the nest. What a bittersweet accomplishment!

  4. Elizabeth,
    Great post. And to think this neat person is only 17. Your Mom and I couldn’t be more proud – both of this wonderful granddaughter and also of the folks who are doing such an exceptional job of parenting.
    Love from Dad.

  5. oh tears streaming and big smile on my face. Emily is an amazing young woman-her smile and the light in her eye will continue to lead her forward and make her mark on the world. so inspiring. congratulations to a job well done Momma!

  6. Congratulations to your beautiful Emily and YOU for mothering/teaching/nurturing her well. And hugs for you, of course, because are always mothers no matter where their children may be.

  7. You have such amazingly gifted children, Elizabeth…its beautiful to see all that your family does and what your children are accomplishing! Praying that your daughter has a wonderful summer.

  8. What a truly remarkable young lady. As a mother of young adults I know she truly is…remarkable. And she knows her mind! You have raised a thinker and a poet. God bless you.

  9. Congratulations to Emily on attaining such an awesome opportunity! And congratulations to you for letting her go. May all the best come from this. 🙂

  10. Elizabeth and Dixon,

    You have raised an incredilbly self-assured young lady who is not afraid to take her next steps out into this great big world. Congratulations to you for not only giving her the confidence to know that she can do this, but also the freedom to follow her passions. I know she must leave a huge empty space in your hearts and home. Love and prayers.

  11. What an amazing daughter, what an amazing person, what a wonderful job you and Dixon have done raising her. It is hard letting them spread their wings, but she has such a bright future ahead of her and she will be grounded by all of you. Cherish all she is to you and all you are to her as the bond between a mother and daughter can be trying at times, but it is always special.

  12. Just knowing how far away she is makes me miss her more! What an amazing gift she is to so many! I finally sent the graduation pictures today (as if you haven’t cried enough)
    Love to all

  13. I just know she’s going to do amazing things. I have always known she’s extra special…all the way back to designing “paper doll diecuts”! What a great job you and Dixon have done!

    Love and prayers,

  14. There are many heart wrenching times when raising a family, and this is one of them. You oldest baby goes off, to a real job she worked hard for, completely deserves and will grow from. I’m shedding happy/sad tears

  15. Just popping in to say that I was concerned about no entries in so long. Praying everyone is wonderful and life is keeping you busy. You have been a great inspiration to me in my health struggles.

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