Living it rather than blogging about it.

Yesterday was Wednesday.  I didn’t post because in order to blog about something you have to stop participating in what you’re blogging about.  And this week is all about being here, soul, mind, and body.  Despite George.

My friends here say that this photo should be the poster for how everybody feels Wednesday at a Suzuki Institute.  All of a sudden 12 hours of music a day, along with hiking up and down all these hills, sort of catches up with you.  The problem is that those aren’t the reason George was snoring in his stroller.

George was snoring in his stroller because we drove him around until he fell asleep because he was driving me crazy.  In general, Suzuki classes and teachers and institutes and concerts are the very most little kid friendly places ever.  I mean, that’s the whole point, right?  However, George figured something out this week.  he figured out that if he yells and fusses, he gets taken out by whomever is in charge of him at that particular moment.  And then, if he keeps yelling and fussing, Mama has to come and take over lest he disturb the entire organization.  Ugh.  We have all decided that there is no way, here, this week, that we can fix this, so…. it is what it is.  So George and I are going to participate where we can and just accept that if I miss a few classes and lessons and concerts, too bad.  I’m still HERE, my kids are HERE and having a wonderful time, and there’s amazing learning going on.  (besides my learning that George can totally manipulate me 🙂

Here’s a good thing… lunch yesterday at the Harvest Table.  This is Barbara Kingsolver’s restaurant, as in

It’s a wonderful book and great restaurant.  About thirty people from the Suzuki Institute were there, all of us, Danielle and Jonathan, Uncle Mike and Aunt Mary, Kelly and Paul M, and two more huge tables of families, friends and teachers.  It’s significant that for this week, the nearest fast food place is more than 8 times farther away than local foods at The Harvest Table.

And wonderful classes continue.  I could take this photo because George was sleeping in his stroller.  Note that I am photographing from OUTSIDE the class, not from inside.  It is what it is.  I could still watch Danny soaking up the learning, which brings me great joy.

And then last night was the advanced kids concert.  You can’t see anything in this dark photo, but what’s more important is that you can’t hear anything either.  So I took a video, but I have to find Emily to have her cut out some of the boring middle parts and put it up for me.  So this dark photo is just a place holder for the music to be added later….   now of course I have no idea where and when I’m going to be able to find Emily… this week has been good practice for me, acclimating to life without her nearby all the time.  She flies to Idaho on Sunday you know… how many minutes till Sunday????

3 thoughts on “Living it rather than blogging about it.

  1. Hugs! For every aspect, every moment, every lesson, everything! Love, and gratitude from me (safely home)

  2. I’m beginning to think you have more energy than me! LOL! I’m like George every day at noon! I’ve watched 7 of my adult children slip away (the other two adult children had disabilities). It never gets easy. My Gabriel is 17, he’ll be next, next year. I miss them terribly.
    (((HUGS))) you are making HUGE memories! Of course you already know that! :o)

  3. Thanks for sharing about the Suzuki camp. I didn’t know anything about it till now. I love the picture of George! The restaurant looks fun too. Praying you’ll keep enough energy to handle it all!

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