too exhausted to blog so just a photo or two.

I wouldn’t have thought that spending the afternoon stretched out on a picnic blanket, positioned just right on a little slope of a hill so that I could rest and watch so many children run around and feed the ducks and practice for their master classes… I wouldn’t have thought it would be so much more strenuous than spending the same amount of time stretched out in my corner of my sofa at home, but it just is.  I am so tired.  I sat in on several classes this morning, all in the same building with very close handicapped parking and an elevator and all, but maybe that was too much.

So tomorrow morning we’re going to try harder to have dixon and the big kids do more of the little brother preparations and the bag packing…. and I think perhaps I need to choose one classroom to stay in, not just one building…..

Mostly I need to guard against discouragement and frustration, that I can’t just bop around campus hanging out with all my friends.  I am here, with my family and people I love, and that is a wonderful thing.  If I overdo it and end up turning into one big puddle of exhausted tears, that would mess it up for everybody.

tomorrow morning we’ll put our heads together about how we can learn from today and make things less physically strenuous tomorrow.  which seeems crazy, how can you make things LESS strenuous than sitting around listening to children making music and lying around having a picnic for half the afternoon.  But there must be a way.  Meanwhile, it’s beautiful here, I’m cherishing the last few days of having all my babies together (emily leaves for the national nuclear lab in Idaho just two days after we get back) and 60 % of my tired, sunburned children are already asleep, so time for me to join them.  Love, hugs, and happy music making, my friends…. esd

11 thoughts on “too exhausted to blog so just a photo or two.

  1. I know your family is so creative and SO loving, they will find a way for you to experience this in an even more restful way! (And congrats about Emily. That’s so cool!)

  2. Beautiful photos — thank you for posting, even though you were tired! I have to tell you how much I admire adorable George’s little U of M outfit — my alma mater! God bless you, Elizabeth — Michele F.

  3. Remember that strong emotion is just as taxing as physical movement. I am guessing that is tge reason you are exhausted. Even if the strong emotion is delight & peace, you are trying to take in 100% and not miss a single child giving a single breadcrumb to a single duck. That, precious friend, is why a picnic on a blanket is still exhausting. I hope tomorrow is better. Better than perfect? If anyone can accomplish such a feat, it’s you. Love & hugs!

  4. I almost didn’t “see” you in the first picture. Elizabeth you look radient.You are so beautiful! Your family is beautiful. Love-love-love the pictures!
    Way to go Emily!!
    (((HUGS))) from the Archers

  5. Love the pictures and I know with all those creative minds working together, tomorrow will be even better. Honestly you make me tired with all you accomplish…traveling, sharing in each one’s activities, watching children feed the ducks, listening to children play beautiful music…it’s a lot to take in…and that’s just one day…think I’ll go to bed, too!

    Thanks for the pictures! Such a blessing to see those smiling children of yours and even got to see you and Dixon, too!


    Love, hugs and prayers!

  6. Elizabeth, what a beautiful, shining face you have! You are blessing everyone around you just by being there. Thank you for this post! Love you!

  7. I hope you had a restful nights sleep and enjoy today without getting completely worn out again! Prayers for you!

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