Pure mama joy

One picture, one paragraph….  have you noticed that I’ve just not been able to blog for more than a month?  Putting words and pictures together while being awake and on the computer at the same time has been a little difficult for me lately…. we’ve missed a confimation, several wonderful birthdays, 6 weeks of fundraising opportunities for the Archer family, and the most amazing high school graduations and the party after.  Oh!  And PROM!  We missed prom.  The.  Most.  Gorgeous.  Photos.  Ever.

So i have this secret plan to get caught up, the doctors on Wednesday decided to derease the dose of one of my  more neurotoxic chemotherapeutic agents a little bit, so maybe I will be able to stay awake and think and post all at the same time.  I still can’t knit,which is really sad but this was supposed to be a mama joy post so let’s not talk about that.

So here’s your picture:

Pure Mama Joy.  Thanks to my big kids who have postponed and rearranged summer jobs, my husband who traded shifts with every other doctor in the group, his sister and her husband who are coming to help, George’s godmother, Danielle, and her son Jonathan, who drove here and are staying at the hotel with us…. I am spending this whole week at my very favorite place doing my very favorite thing.  We are at Music in the Mountains, the Virginia Suzuki Institute, listening to all these beautiful children make the most amazing music.  We can’t even keep track of how many years we’ve been coming to this… certainly longer than Danny’s been alive, past William and well into George now.

We are here.  I am here.  So I thought I’d push past the biggest wall of exhaustion to post just one picture to tell you that life is good, I am so blessed.  No promises for tomorrow, I want to live in the moment, enjoy every second, and my camera has gotten awfully heavy lately.  But I’ll try.   At least for George, who is not playing the violin but participating in everything else anyway.

Old suzuki posts  and this one…. darling little danny photos….  just to tide you over in case I’m too tired to post again tomorrow.   And now I am going to crash.  80 % of my children have 8 AM classes 12 miles away.  I think maybe they’re going to have to pack their own lunches.

Love, esd.

PS – I’ve missed you.

21 thoughts on “Pure mama joy

  1. I was so happy to see your post pop up in my mailbox. Still praying and thinking of you often. Love the picture too. God bless you always!
    Angie Jester

  2. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. I know you’re enjoying family, friends and this special place, so we’ll be patient and you just savor your trip.

    Love, hugs and lots of prayers!

  3. It’s wonderful to have you and your beautiful children here with us. What a thrill to see Danny standing through Play-In, watch Sam really engaged in his group and Emily….wow. Thanks for sharing your lives with us.


  4. I couldn’t sleep this morning. Woke up before 4. Just went online and smiled to see this. Pure Mama joy. Yes. Absolute joy. So happy you are able to be there to enjoy this. Thank you for sharing. Praying for you. Love, Catharine

  5. It brings me joy that you have such joy! Are you using a digital SLR? Those *are* bulky, heavy cameras. All my love, and big hugs of gratitude to each and every person who helped get you there – from Godmother to In-Laws to Doctors who treat you and Doctors who traded shifts your wonderful husband!

  6. Have a great week at one of your very favorite places. I’ve missed hearing from you but knew you would post when you could. Love and prayers.

  7. Nice–very nice–to have a post from you again. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, and that is as it should be, never the other way around…

  8. Ah Elizabeth, you are so often in my thoughts and prayers, every day, every day. So glad to see this post, so happy for you to be able to spend this treasured time with your family.

  9. I have to say that I’ve more than missed you. :o) I try to wait so patiently to hear every detail of your beautiful family and your special moments. I’m sorry to hear about the struggles, we always keep you in our prayers throughout our day. ((((HUGS)))) I wish we lived closer so I could hug you in person. Don’t worry about the Archers! You have done more for our boys than we ever thought possible. Your heart is huge Dear Elizabeth. And God has blessed us greatly by knowing you. Keep making lots of those beautiful memories to share with us when you can! We all love you more than words can say.

  10. I am so happy for you, Elizabeth. These Suzuki camps give you such joy. What memories you are creating! And it moves me to hear of how many people love you and come together to make these things happen for you. That is the Body of Christ in action!

  11. wonderful that you are there with them ~ just bask in the love joy & music! continued prayers of course!

  12. So glad to see your posts. I was getting very concerned!!! May you find healing and strength in what gives you so much joy. Please let others do the doing and you just do the being. :o))

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