First Holy Communion Photos 2012

Every child has a story.  I wish I could tell you all of them.  About the families, and the troubles in school, and the language barriers, and the open heart surgeries, and the hearing aids and all the other reasons why I guess you could understand if little children might already struggle under some not-so-little burdens.  Not my whole class, of course… there were more this year than usual who came to us speaking English, from an intact family, who could go to Mass regularly.  They loved telling us their stories, too.

Everybody’s chapter of their own story was exactly the same today, though.  Today was pure joy.  36 children received the Body of Christ at their First Holy Communion this morning.  I took some pictures to show you.

6 thoughts on “First Holy Communion Photos 2012

  1. Our Isabel just made her first Holy Communion a few weeks ago ~ such a beautiful sacrament! “Panic Angelicus” was the perfect music for your video. Bless you!

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