Reblog is a verb.

If “emily” weren’t already a formal part of speech generally called a Proper Noun,  I truly can’t decide what she should be.  Probably not just a word thing, like adverb.  “emily” should be one of those multiword ones like some special kind of phrase or an unusual species of clause.

I was going to ask her if I could post her prom song, but while I was looking for it, I found something better.  This is her blog post today, and it is JUST SO EMILY

  •  How to write good poems:

    I have absolutely no idea how you’re supposed to write good poems.

    But if I were to guess, you should start out by practicing.  Practice writing bad, and, if you can manage, mediocre poems.  Then when you are ready, bring out the Scientific Method.

    1) Ask a Question:  This seems easy enough, but questions are pretty hard to come by.  The easiest way to do it is to pretend you are about 3, and put “Why?” at the end of any explanation anyone gives you until you’ve found something interesting and answerless.

    2) Do Background Research:  Read lots of poems.  About the subject, not about the subject.  Read and read and read and ponder your question.  And read some more.

    3) Construct Hypothesis:  Do not do this on purpose.  Prediction is against the rules.  You do not squish tea bags to make your tea brew faster.  That’s gross, and a surefire way to acquire burnt fingers.  This is where “finding empirical evidence for natural phenomena” and “writing poems” differ.  Your current idea of the universe IS your hypothesis.  All of the thoughts in your head ARE the hypothesis.  Do not write another.

    4) Test with an Experiment:  Here is where scientists write down observations.  I would just take them in.  Breathe deeply.  Open your ears— see what people are saying.  Open your eyes— watch what the world does when someone gives it respect and attention.  Smell things.  Touch things.  Make yourself a good peanut butter sandwich and ask yourself how it actually tastes.

    5) Wait. 

    6) No really, wait. 

    7) Hang on. 

    8) Oh no, you just couldn’t hold the thought in, could you?  Man, now you have to…

    Just kidding.  Nice poem.

    #poetry #poems #how to write a good poem #how to write poems #good poetry #the scientific method #science is art

And you all know she’s going to McGill for college in August?  The real McGill way far away in Montreal, which is way far away in Canada.   Sigh.  Anticipatory separation anxiety is the worst.

But I had lots of time to think about 40 % of my children leaving at the end of the summer while I was BACK home with my parents last week.  One evening my sister was also there, without her husband and the boys.  So it was just my mom, my dad, my sister and me, and we sat in the same places and talked and laughed and thought about things.  25 years after we’d both gone off.  If my parents are still such a huge part of my life NOW, I think I don’t need to worry so much about letting my babies stretch their wings a little.  We have worked for their entire lifetimes to prepare them to go into the world and do great things.

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.   (Luke 12:48) …..I think we can’t have tacked this particular verse onto the end of our family mission statement for years and years and years and not have at least a little confidence that Emily and Sam will make a positive contribution to those around them.

But if you still want to hear the prom song, you can go to her blog and click it.


10 thoughts on “Reblog is a verb.

  1. Emily does not fit into a box that can be neatly labeled. She is way far out of that box and being creative, loving, and using all her talents. How very cool. You and Dixon have given all of your children great gifts: to be, to express, to let them fall down and learn how to pick themselves up, and , most importantly, that they are loved with all your hearts.

    Love and prayers, Nancy

  2. I can’t wait for my daughter, Whitney, to read Emily’s ideas on writing poems. She also has a love for writing and the language arts. How exciting for Emily to be heading off to McGill. You should be so pleased. Sounds like you have prepared her well. Thanks for sharing part of your life with me.

  3. Elizabeth, the past few days I have been reading Emily’s blog and you are so blessed to have such a wonderful and thoughtful daughter. I wish she were coming to the University I teach at, but she is going to do amazing things with her life!

  4. Your Nana has been sharing your wonderful news, Emily! What an honor you have received both from your song and your Nana.

  5. Emily sounds like a wonderful young lady who will enjoy her time at McGill immensely. I will add though, that she’s NOT going to college. She is going to University. There is a very important distinction between them in Canada; our system is different than yours. Here, only universities grant degrees. We are proud of this system and I wouldn’t want Emily to be out of the loop on such an important terminology 🙂

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