This has been my most popular post ever.  Links galore 🙂  So I put together a kit, just like the one I sent to my friends to use with this post, and added it to our eBay auctions.  You can find it here:

Keep on Spinning

I have three young friends who have been learning how to knit recently.  I wish they could all come over to my house and dye yarn and fleece for a whole day.  I love being able to invent exactly the right hues for a particular project, and it makes me so happy to watch children feel free and uninhibited with color. 

I have a great dye set up here.  Our laundry room is big, with ample storage, and right off the kitchen.  But the acid dyes I use require caution, especially in their powder form, and the dyeing must be done with equipment that will never be used for cooking food again…  Thankfully, there are food-safe, child-safe alternatives.  And since I can’t easily have my young knitting friends over to dye yarn any time soon, I decided to send them everything they need to dye their own yarn in their own…

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  1. I’m truly going to do this. I have the yarn. I have the bargain-bin-priced Easter egg dyes. I have the inspiration. I have the tutorial. I need to DO this. And then perhaps knit YOU some socks. 🙂

    • No! Let your kids do it! Not that grown ups should be deprived of the joy of playing with colors, but it really is fun to watch them get so excited about creating something genuinely cool and useful.

  2. Elizabeth,
    I would like to donate the new DVD that was made for children celebrating First Communion and families with children ages 7-12. It was made by parents of a child in St. Bonaventure Parish in Huntington Beach. They did not feel their child had a very good understanding of what was happening during Mass. They hoped he would learn it during his preparation for First Communion but found that he still didn’t understand or know what the various things meant. The dad works in Hollywood – just did the technical parts for Beverly Hills Chihuahua III (or is it IV?) – he makes the dogs mouths talk! His wife is a professional photographer. They put $30,000 of their own money into this project. All they are trying to do is to get it back through the sale of these DVD’s. I suggest that you visit their web site and copy and paste the DVD cover and description and put it up for sale on ebay for the adoption. I can either ship a couple of them to you, or send them from here when they sell. I can even have Fr. Jerry, the priest in the DVD, autograph them. If they sell for a significant amount I will donate as many as you need to help raise this money. Let me know what you want me to do. The website is

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