Photos of the BOYS!!!

We interrupt our reguarly scheduled programming to bring you this important announement.  The Archer boys are one step closer to being HOME.

Mr. Archer got to hold them today, all three of them, and tell them that they are loved and that soon, very soon, they will be home.  They will begin the very important process of healing and growing.  But for now, because he has officially met them, we can share pictures other than the official Reece’s Rainbow ones.

Do you know my friend Susanna?  She blogs at …. when she was most recently at the orphanage these boys are in, the adoption attorney took these photos of her holding the three Archer boys.

Jacob is seven years old.

Moses is seven years old, too, but much more fragile

Here’s another one of Moses that just burned itself right into my soul.



And Noah, who is eight years old, almost 9.   He is only two weeks different in age from my Danny.

And finally one more of Noah, age 8.


Mr. Archer will be there the rest of this week.  He will be allowed short visits with the boys, as their health (and the attitudes of the orphanage workers allow) and i think he gets to take them out to get their visa photos taken?  But then he has to leave them.  They aren’t going to understand why this tall kind man held them so gently, and whispered sweet and peaceful words to them, and smiled at them with so much love…. and then at the end of just a few days of this first experience with a daddy, this good man left.  They are so isolated and so delayed.  There is NO WAY they will understand that their Daddy will be doing everything possible to come back and rescue them forever just as soon as he can.



If all the needed cash is there, the Archers can apply for a medical emergency program to hustle their paperwork through the next steps.  It doesn’t cost any extra, but the family has to prove that they have the money to complete the adoption already (which makes sense, why pull all these strings to hurry things up only to have to wait for the family to finish fundraising… although don’t even get me started on the fact that families have to spend so much in the first place….. )

If you’ve been waiting to donate, the time is NOW.  Go back up and look at Moses and realize that with his profound malnutrition and failure to thrive, he is at high risk for something called “refeeding hypophosphatemia” and needs to be in an American hospital… yesterday.  Not six months from now.  Yesterday.

There are four choices:

1..  a Tax deductible donation through Reece’s Rainbow, the national center for international Down Syndrome adoptions.

Make sure you use the donate button UNDER the Archer family story and the old photos of the boys…. the one to the right just puts your donation into the general fund.

2…..  The Archer Family Chip-in    The chip in is NOT tax deductible.  The Archers were able to use these chip in funds for all Toms trip expenses for this first trip, and to pay agency fees and for visas.  Scroll down a bit on her blog for a careful accounting of their expenses, to the penny.

3…..  go bid on some treasures on our eBay auctions.

100 % of the funds raised go directly to save the boys as fast as possible.

4….. here’s a free and easy one.  If you are going to go buy something from anyway, from a kindle download to a dozen microwave ovens, go to my blog first.  Look on the right, up near the top, a little unobtrusive white rectangle with the words in it.  If you click on that, it takes you to amazon.  For any purchases you make over the next 30 minutes (without leaving the amazon site) , Amazon donates SIX PERCENT of the purchase price right into our adoption fundraiser!  That’s like free money, don’t you think?

And pray, pray,pray.  Pray that Mr Archer can spend every moment possible with the boys, with as little administrative hassle as possible.  Pray that the two boys who are sick right now heal quickly.  Pray that the fundraising goes  superfast, so that when Mr. Archer comes home, they can apply to have the case expedited.

Would it be too much of a miracle to pray that we were able to raise the whole $12,000.00 left before Mr. Archer comes home next week?  Hmmm…. probably not realistic, but still fun to think about.


3 thoughts on “Photos of the BOYS!!!

  1. NO ONE can understand *why* the tall, kind man has to leave them. Surely we can understand the minutae that delay the arrival home of the three delightful young boys. But the WHY behind the minutae? The WHY behind the expen$e? NO ONE can truly understand that.

  2. Hi, I just came from Patti’s blog. I will be happy to donate to the 3 precious boys. What actually caught my eye was your cancer diagnosis. I was just diagnosed with ILC and had a bilateral mastectomy. I’m 45. I had the left breast removed as a precaution and was shocked to find the cancer was in both breasts and sentinal nodes. I go next week for additional lymph node removal. I’m looking for a website with current info regarding the best treatment plan. My bone scan was clear and I go for a CT scan on Thursday. Sorry to take up so much space! I would love any suggestions…if you have time.I will be praying for you!

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