What do you do with 450 dollars worth of socks?

The first few items on our ebay benefit auction ended… books, yarn, socks….  and the combined contribution, all of which will go directly to save the lives of Noah, Moses and Jacob, was more than $1,300.00 … i am humbled that friends would join with us to rescue these three boys.

But the socks!  They’re less than 100 grams of wool or cashmere, knit a few minutes at a time while the kids are finishing dinner, or riding in the car while Sam practices for his drivers license road test, or sitting on the sofa watching blues clues with George.  I have four socks going at all times, so that I never have to miss an opportunity to knit and pray.

So the winning socks, one wool pair, one cashmere pair, each thousands and thousands of stitches, each stitch a prayer, needed to get zoomed off to their adoptive mothers…. i actually hasdn’t noticed the analogy until a facebook friend pointed it out to me today. 🙂

My first thought was that I couldn’t mail them until I made a lovely thank you note to go with each one.   My friends and family helped me get over that fast.  “Those people gave LOTS of money to save the Archer’s boys.  They shoudn’t have to wait until you write a thank you note, that would take forever.  just send them their socks already!”  OK, OK!

So I steamed them all so the heels folded right on the proper angle, and so the cuffs were not biased by even one stitch… and George and I wrapped them up and found some pretty old lace to use as bows.  The lace consoled me, as I felt guilty for the lack of the perfect thank you card….

And then I popped them into their boxes.. all the while thinking about this particular amount of money. Just these simple socks, and the people who bid so generously for them, have paid for a visa.  a life saving, life changing visa…. the document that will let one of these boys come to the United States and become an American, as part of an American family.   And the books and the yarn that wonderfully generous people bought, their contributions add up to what it will cost Mr. Archer to stay in that far away country for the entire time he needs to be there this month to meet the boys and do all the legal and court work.  His expenses for that whole time, covered by your contributions.

Link to the ebay auctions: 

There will be more treasures added over the weekend.

Link for direct donations

We still need over $16,000.00 …..

Speaking of living for a week, see that big box up there?  This probably deserves a post of its own, but that big box contains life saving metbolic formula for the children over there who are most near death from malnutrition.   My front hall has become the national distribution center for donated high tech medical formula powder that each family traveling to a certain orphanage will take a suitcase full of, for the professors in the hospital there to prescribe and use for the very most fragile children.  Even if they could obtain these formulas in that country, there is no funding… that one box up there contains over 600 dollars worth of powder…. that’s equivalent to the salaries for four full time RN’s for a whole month.  The folks over there don’t even have the cash to pay customs on the medical stuff shipped over, so several mamas have worked out a very complex system of which adoptive families are going when and how many kilos of this special life saving food they can take…  For example, Mr. Archer is going on the 20th so he got one large box shipped to him to take instead of spare clothes and things…   I’ll blog soon about how you can help with this, too.  We need to keep all these children alive until their parents can come rescue them!

But back to the socks.  If you are a wanna-be sock knitter, and you live near a Joann’s, these needles are on sale.  Usually 9.99 for the whole set, now 30 % off PLUS an additional 15 % off with your coupon.  Five each of the most common sizes for sock making on sale for $5.94 …. very good deal.

And finally, back to the Wollmeise Orient socks.  My progress on these is slow, but remember, I have four socks in progress, so we WILL have two more pair to put on the auction when the current ones run out in 6 days.

I need to figure out how to put a poll on my blog…. dark with bright stripes or bright with darker stripes????  but as you can see,  the dark one with the lighter stripes is ready for the heel…. and I haven’t even put up the hem top tutorial…. too busy mailing socks and formula, I guess.

And finally, family news.  Emily has decided to go to McGill, way. far. away. in. Montreal. Canada.  She is so excited, and we are all happy for her, although not feeling so good about not being able to see her very often.  I LIKE Emily, and I like having her around.  However….

Sam got offered a spot at NCSSM… a branch of UNC that’s a residential high school for science and math, in Durham, NC.  So he’s moving out, too.

Also, about Sam.  His chess team won state, first place in the top division.  So his team is at nationals, in Minneapolis.  He texted me at 11:15 to tell me that after two rounds, he had two points!  This is amazing, his rating is, um, lower than some of his teammates…. And with two wins today, he will face very tough competition tomorrow morning.  Sorry no pictures.


10 thoughts on “What do you do with 450 dollars worth of socks?

  1. Go Sam!!!!!

    So excited for Emily, sorry she’ll be so far away. :o( (((HUG)))

    Oh my goodness, those needles are so small, my vision in my one and only left eye; (I know I asked God, why didn’t the left eye go instead of the right one! ;o) I would never see them or that delicate yarn!! Wow!

    This quote from your blog gave me goose bumps and tears of joy to my eyes-
    “And then I popped them into their boxes.. all the while thinking about this particular amount of money. Just these simple socks, and the people who bid so generously for them, have paid for a visa. a life saving, life changing visa…. the document that will let one of these boys come to the United States and become an American, as part of an American family.”

    YES! YES! YES! My little American boys! We so celebrate becoming American with our boys! The land of the free and the home of the brave!!

    Thank You seems so small, when you realize the priceless gift ALL of you have shared by donating AND praying for our boys! The gift of family, OUR family. Thank You for loving our boys home with us!

    (((HUGS))) and prayers always to you, Elizabeth, and your beautiful blog readers!!

  2. Wow that’s a lot of info in one blog post. I think what you are doing is awsome. My personal prefrence is the bright with darker stripes. 🙂
    Keeping your family and the Archers in my prayers.

  3. I had no idea the formula was so expensive, oh my. What a blessing you are to so many.

    And ah, my mama’s heart aches for yours, with the both of them going off into the world at the same time! Wonderful and exciting as it surely is for them, ah well. Many {{hugs}} indeed.

    Beautiful orangey socks. i am partial to orange, myself 🙂

  4. What a wonderful, wonderful thing you have done for those three special boys and for so many others. Thoughts and prayers will continue for the Archers and your family as well.

    As you are learning, letting go of our beloved children so they may fly is not an easy on mother’s in particular. Emily has made her decision on what is right for her at this time in her life and it will also be hard on her to not see you as often either. Thank goodness for the wonders of the modern electronic connections. Congratulations to Emily! And hugs to you!

    Congratulations to Sam for both of his accomplishments. It sounds like that school will be an incredible place for him to continue his education.

  5. Amazing socks!!!

    And it sounds like your children are doing such amazing things….even though some won’t be seeing so often, you must be so, so proud of them all. Blessings, Jennifer

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