Why we haven’t made much progress with the socks

I really, really wanted to make supersonic speed progress on these socks.  They need to be up on our ebay benefit auction FAST.  Mr. Archer leaves on the 20th of APRIL (not August, which was a typo from last week, for those who get my blog via email.. sorry 🙂 )

I am still just overwhelmed with gratitude for the many, many families who are saving these boys with the Archers.  I also feel strongly that if we’re all in this together, financially, that transparency is really important, especially for the families who are donating directly to the chip-in, rather than through Reece’s Rainbow.  Mrs. Archer feels the same way.  She wants you to know exactly where every penny of the fundraising is going.

So go look at her blog:  http://theroaddownhome.blogspot.com/  and see the list for this first trip.  Visas and medical clearances and taxes… oh MY!

But anyway, back to the socks.  Friday I wanted to be part of the way down the leg, past the first stripe.  But the beach was calling to some boys I know.

See that one white blanket?  See how it’s the ONLY one?  That didn’t deter my boys.

It was about 50 degrees and really, really windy.  Some boys were complaining about being cold even when they were dry.

Brian was the first one in.  No hesitation.  Right for the water.  So while I remained sensibly back on the blanket with a lovely lunch, the other guys decided to get a little closer.

Craziness prevailed.  Brian persuaded them to join him.

So George and I got to hang out.  And stay dry.  He wanted to head to the water to “wash hands eat lunch please” but I managed to distract him.

While the boys were in the water, I think they had almost as much fun as George did, running on the sand, but they were so cold when they got out!

George thought he was going to be able to get in the water, too, when we went close to tell the guys about the rip tide warning.

I couldn’t, in good conscience, post the photos of the freezing boys when they got out of the water.

So you’re just have to make do with a joyful George picture instead.  This one makes me smile every time it pops up on my screensaver.

But now we are back home, and I have resumed rapid progress on the Wollmeise Orient socks.  I am taking pictures as I go along, because so many friends have asked for my sock recipe, especially how to make the hemmed tops and the short row heels and toes.  If you want to catch up, you need standard sock weight yarn, something that’s maybe 350 to 450 yards per 100 grams.  The Wollmeise I’m using is 510 yards per 150 grams.  I knit socks on double pointed needles, a mixed up assortment of size 0 and 1 for this project, but you can use whatever you like, DPN’s or magic loop or two circulars.  To do the hem, you will need an extra of whatever you’re using, close to the same size.

Here are the beginning instructions from the last post:

Use any waste yarn and cast on 60 stitches along one double pointed needle.   You can use ANY cast on, it doesn’t have to be even or stretchy or neat and tidy, because it’s all going to get cut off.  So just 60, however makes you happy.  Join in the round and knit three rows or so…then switch to the main yarn and knit 20 rows.  Note I said KNIT.  No ribbing or purling needed.  I am row 6 but will try to get to ten before I go to sleep.

Once we are all up to row 20, I’ll teach you about turning the hem without sewing, giving you the stretchiest sock top ever.  Plus, have you noticed how fast knitting in the round goes with no purling???

Happy Easter, my friends.  And now I am getting back to knitting, as soon as I wash and block the socks I finished before these…. so I can take pictures and get them to Sam to put up on ebay for our fundraiser.  Look for them tomorrow night, maybe?  


7 thoughts on “Why we haven’t made much progress with the socks

  1. I am chilled just LOOKING at the photographs. George is so delightful. The socks will be wonderful. Happy Easter!

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