I think I need to learn to knit faster.

So my friends and I are just getting started on some eBay auctions to help raise funds for the Archer’s adoption.  

This is a screen shot from a current auction.  One pair of socks.  255 dollars.  Granted, these are not ordinary socks.  They are prayer socks.  Every single one of the more than 19,000 stitches is a prayer for the three little boys whose lives we are working together to save.  But still, I am absolutely stunned.  And I want to share more beautiful socks, so I’ve been a knitting maniac.

When I am not being a knitting maniac, I average one or two socks per week.  Sam just timed me, one row late at night takes about three minutes…. therefore maybe 10 hours per sock… but those are good, good hours.  Hours of peaceful, quiet prayer time…  I don’t sit still well and I am not a very patient waiter, and knitting fixes both of those problems.

Today, since I was in the car for several hours on the way to Charleston, NC to meet up with my sister and her husband and boys before they move to England next month, I had prime time to work on another pair to add to our ebay adoption fundraiser.  And here’s the cool thing:  In addition to selling two pairs of handmade socks, I am parting with some of my carefully collected stash of Wollmeise yarn.  These two things all came together this afternoon when just moments before we were getting boys and tube feeding pumps and bathing suits and oxygen tank regulators and car snacks all packed, the postman brought a parcel.   My friend Dafna, who has been following the astronomical ebay events, had just gotten back from the real Wollmeise shop hiding in Germany and had brought me a skein.   Of Wollmeise yarn.  From the real shop.  I am totally not kidding.

As I rode south on 77, happily winding the yarn into a big round ball, I made a decision.  This special, precious skein had originally been intended to be combined with one I already had to become a shawl

This shawl takes a little more than one skein of Wollmeise.  Two skeins are more than enough for a big shawl and a pair of socks.  SOOOOO, it was obvious.  A long car ride, several days of sitting quietly while the cousins play, a skein of wollmeise sent my way after I listed twelve of mine on ebay, and wool socks going for 255 dollars to SAVE THREE BOYS!  Plus, my friend Dafna is an adoptive mother herself, so she understands.

My children would say, “Well,, duh, mom.  Come on, gosh, I mean like already”  Dafna’s yarn needs to be knit REALLY fast into beautiful wool socks to add to out ebay fundraiser auction.

So there you go.  The beginning of a keeponspinning hemmed top wool sock.

Hey!  Do you want to knit along?  You can catch up fast, I spent far more time talking than knitting today, and I don’t multitask well..

Use any waste yarn and cast on 60 stitches along one double pointed needle.   You can use ANY cast on, it doesn’t have to be even or stretchy or neat and tidy, because it’s all going to get cut off.  So just 60, however makes you happy.  Join in the round and knit three rows or so…then switch to the main yarn and knit 20 rows.  Note I said KNIT.  No ribbing or purling needed.  I am row 6 but will try to get to ten before I go to sleep.

Once we are all up to row 20, I’ll teach you about turning the hem without sewing, giving you the stretchiest sock top ever.  Plus, have you noticed how fast knitting in the round goes with no purling???

But meanwhile, I’ll pray for the boys, and the Archer family  They still have $17,000 plus dollars to raise to be fully funded.   And if you want to follow the auctions with me, and be amazed at these plain old wool socks for more than 200 dollars, go here


And if you want to keep up with the latest on the Archers and their adoption adventures and lifesaving ministry, Mrs. Archer’s blog is here:  The Road Down Home.  There are linky buttons on her site to contribute even if you don’t want to participate in the auctions.

One more thing:  To whomever is bidding on our socks, and the yarn, and the books… we are all so very grateful.  For Mrs. Archer to know that so many families are standing behind her, sacrificing their carefully saved funds to keep these boys alive…. what an amazing thing .  I am truly grateful.  So now I am going to knit my four more rows for tonight and say prayers of thanksgiving for you.

6 thoughts on “I think I need to learn to knit faster.

  1. Thank you so much for what you are doing, Elizabeth. It’s been such a long road for the Archers, and these boys very much need to come home to their Daddy and Mommy!

  2. We are beyond blessed by everything you do for us Elizabeth. :o) And humbled by the beautiful precious people who have donated and are loving our boys home with us. We keep everyone of you in our prayers of thankfulness. We may not know all of your names but God does! :o) Thank You and God Bless you all!
    Our blog will soon have photos from Tom’s trip!

  3. I’d love to follow along. Are you using fingering weight yarn? What size needles? I have been curious about your sock pattern. Looking forward to making a pair. Thanks.

  4. My dear, you MUST explain. What’s with the redacted can of soda in the last picture?
    Inquiring minds NEED to know! 🙂

  5. Wow!!! Amazing what you are doing with knitting socks!!! I’m so thankful Elizabeth and family have you in their corner on raising these funds. They are such an amazing family and have been such an encouragement to me. Hope you are feeling better now…think about you everytime Peter starts up that leappad- which he doesn’t a LOT!! 🙂 Blessings, Jennifer

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