Seventeen days, 18,000 dollars

Remember the Archers?  What joy you have brought to their family!  You have given thousands of dollars, but more importantly, more than a hundred families have joined with them to save the lives of their boys.  We’ve never adopted, but I have heard that sometimes adopting older, disabled, fragile children can be a very lonely journey.  People sometimes come right out and tell you you’re crazy or just plain wrong, especially if you already have other kids at home.  So for Mrs. Archer to be able to imagine all of us who are tangibly supporting her family, all standing shoulder to shoulder with her… what an amazing thing!

Finally, today, the Archer family received their first travel date.  This is when Mr. Archer gets to go to the orphanage in Eastern Europe and meet his sons.  He can hold them, love them, and tell them that really and truly they are going to be part of a family soon.

He only gets to stay one week, though, and then he has to leave the boys behind until after the courts in that country finish the adoption.  Then he gets to fly back and bring the boys home.

Mr. Archer flies to go meet his boys on April 21.

We still have $18,000 to raise to get them fully funded.  We don’t need to have all this money in hand by the 21st, but it sure would make things less stressful for the Archers, not having to worry about it.

With that in mind, my friend Kelle called me on the phone over the weekend.  Her brand new book is coming out TODAY, which I think is so very cool.

Anyway, she called me with a really good idea.  Lots of people do blog-based giveaways for Reeces Rainbow adoption fundraisers.  Her idea was to do an ebay auction fundraiser.  Her publisher had sent her advance copies of her book, and she wanted to use them to help raise money for the Archer family.   I thought it was a great idea…. and I don’t have a fancy new autographed book to auction off, so the kids and I worked hard this weekend to finish TWO pairs of world famous keeponnspinning handmade socks as my contribution to the ebay auctions.

This pair is cashmere with sparkles.  Then there’s another really nice pair that’s wool, purple striped wool.

So, if you’ve always wanted your very own pair, here’s your chance.  Go to the Archer Family Adoption fundraiser ebay page and bid.

Or, if you were going to contribute to the Archers anyway, even before Kelle and I started the auction, go over there anyway and bid whatever you were going to donate, and let’s just see how high we can get the value of these socks and books!

Or, if you just want to contribute quietly,you can go to the Reece’s Rainbow site…. your donation is tax-deductible, there.

And wait!  There’s more!  When our friend Ann heard about our new plan, she wanted to help save the boys, too.  Just in time, because Emily and my dad were on their way up to visit them yesterday, and were able to take books for her to sign.

I wish I’d been able to join them, Emily had her first in-real-life experience with a new baby pig.  You can read about it (with pictures) on her blog here:

Sorry about so many links on one blog post… i guess if you only post once in three weeks, they sort of get saved up 🙂 … and why has it been three weeks?  Things have been crazy around here, bad crazy.  I have been in Presbyterian Hospital three times since my last post, once was just for outpatient surgery for a new port placement and then twice more since for troubled related to that…. all is fine now, or at least sort of…. fine enough that I can put words and photos together to make a blog post….

Friends, thank you so much for helping the Archers.  Since I’m not privy to the names and specific amounts, I just watch the number of contributors tick up on the chip in, and the total dollar amount rise on the Reece’s Rainbow page, and I get overwhelmed with gratitude   It’s not often we get to help rescue three beautiful little boys, you know.  It feels good to do it together.

7 thoughts on “Seventeen days, 18,000 dollars

  1. Yes Elizabeth there are some truly amazing, generous and incredibly loving and selfless people in this world and thankfully they are buoyed by equally kind people. Best wishes to the archers for whom I will continue to pray

  2. I wrote August 21 instead of April 21! I fixed it, but oh, how embarrasing! Chemo brain is a bad thing 😦 Thank you for finding the error so I could correct it!

  3. You are beautiful. You move me to tears and give me courage to step beyond my self imposed limitations and trust God. Through you, I have learned compassion, courage, trust, surrender, forgiveness, endless and unlimited love…an imitation of Christ. Thank you, dear friend.

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