My house is way too big.

Just a brief update, I don’t have the energy for paragraphs and photos.  I got out of the hospital last night.   Today I have learned that it’s eleven steps from the end of my bed, out to the hall, to the bathroom.   I have discovered that the foot end of my bed is just as comfortable as the top half, and it’s not so far away.  I think I need a smaller house.

26 thoughts on “My house is way too big.

  1. Oh, and your scrapbooking supplies!
    So glad you’re home and I think we’re all in agreement…rest! It won’t be long and that house will be “just right”!

    Welcome Home!

    Love and prayers!

  2. We are soooo glad you are home, now rest and when you wake the next time send Dixon out for a bedside potty:) we are praying you continue to get better each day! Remember, I’m just a few hours away if I can help (we can help) (he fussed for not including him. He does do laundry better than me). Love to all!

  3. There’s no place like home! So happy to hear you’re where your heart is. Thanks for taking the time to post an update. Prayers always.

  4. Praying for you honey from Indiana. I keep checking in hoping you had gotten home to your sweet family. Hang in there. God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good.

  5. I’m sure that you’re glad to be home with your loving family. But the transition must be tiring and you still are not recovered from that pneumonia. i will pray for energy!

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