I broke my foot.

I just spent the evening in the ER of the orthopedic hospital.  It actually was quite a pleasant experience… quiet, calm, fast free internet connection…while i knew at home things were sort of a zoo, with a certain boy’s fourth birthday today and all…

My particular kind of broken foot is called an “incomplete jones” … and you can read about this injury, which is more common in big deal athletes, right here:


We have two big problems with this injury.  The first is that up to 50 % of the time, they just don’t heal by themselves, and the the orthodudes have to go in an put in a really big screw to hold it together.  This would be bad anyway, but with some of my drugs, I first have a higher risk of non-healing, and then have a higher risk of nonhealing after the surgery.  This is why I haven’t had parts of my spine fused yet… 


(this is not my X ray.  but they look similar, my fracture is a little more crooked and the periosteum – the skin on the outside of the bone) is all bunched and buckled) but the break doesn’t go all the way through to the other side… it stops at about 3/4 which is amazingly lucky.

The second problem is that to get this to heal, you really need to be non-weight bearing for a while.  Well, crutches are totally bad for arm lymphedema after having axillary dissection with cancerous lymph nodes.  Bad, bad, bad.

So he put me in a big tall boot, with all this heavy stainless steel folded around where the fracture is. He told me to do my very best to stay off of it, and if it’s not better, to return thursday, if it IS starting to get better, to come back on january 3. 

There is no doubt that if I can be good about staying off it, it will heal faster, and as much of a pain as it will be for everyone for a while, the net total time of immobilization will be lower than if I don’t stay off it and we need to have surgery.  I know the kids are already pretty used to my resting a LOT, but it’s hard to be down all the time… i am obviously not going to be doing ANY entertaining over the next couple of weeks, the housecleaning just isn’t going to happen and besides, this boot and I take up the WHOLE couch.  Skype.  That’s it.  We can do our holiday visiting over skype. 

Because see that screw?   (and of course that’s not my foot either) we don’t want one like that.  Ick.  so I’m hanging the do not disturb sign on the  front door, finishing my christmas shopping on amazon, and I’m going to just let it heal RIGHT NOW.

20 thoughts on “I broke my foot.

  1. Oh, I am so sorry! I’ll redouble my prayer efforts for you. You will have lots and lots of quality time with your immediate family, which will be nice! Love, Michele F.

  2. My sister broke her foot, rather shattered it a week ago, they did surgery and put in two plates and 10 screws. The ankle bone was ok the foot not ok. She will not stand on it for 6 months and walking on it is up to a year. I told her ‘well at least you didn’t break your arm in the fall too’… one has to be positive for small things. Sorry about your injury.

  3. Hugs! I learned two things from this post: (1) wow, I didn’t know feet looked like that (especially heels’ bones), and (2) when T broke his arm last summer the all-wrinkly looking part that I could see on the x-rays is called the periosteum. I am grateful for Amazon & Skype. Prayers for quick and complete non-surgical healing.

  4. sometimes, when it rains, it pours……………Hi I found your site by accident and am following but on the bottom, I see my daughters http etc….I will see if I can fix that. I will be keeping you in my prayers. I am a former home school mom (graduated 2 both k-12) and I am new to blogging and facebooking etc…… Many Blessings…..Sue

  5. Elizabeth, I am so sorry this happened to you. However, since crutches are out of the picture, could you use one of those tricycyle-like wheelie things where your knee goes on the seat? At least you might be able to get back and forth between the couch and bathroom and not put any weight on your foot. I’ve seen quite a few of those around, and your younger ones would love to ride around the house on it! Or maybe that isn’t such a good option afterall. I can see your command post on the couch from here.

    Happy birthday yesterday to a very cute four year old!

    • I am so sorry about your foot. My friend had the screw put in Friday. She is using a bone stimulator to help it heal. Her husband is a spine surgeon and he has seen really good results with it. I pray for you daily.

  6. Tricia just took the words right out of my mouth! If your middle name is not “Grace”, then for now we will change it!

    If this is like your usual “stories” I am sure it will be “interesting”!

    Please be careful and we are sending lots of get well wishes, prayers and love.

    Oh, is shopping on Amazon anything like watching the “Home Shopping Network”? (STILL love that story!)

    Love, Hugs and Lots of Prayers!

  7. Hey Elizabeth, I am sorry about this- how did you do it? My cleaner kicked my dining table leg and broke her toe! Not on purpose of course… Was it a similar thing?
    I will get praying for a speedy recovery. I think God wants you to have a nice rest. Please could you say some in return for my dear friend Maria Teresa who has just finished a long chemo treatment and then broke her femur near the hip (she missed the last step on the stair) and has three pins in it now. She will probably be in hospital over Christmas (she’s been in a week) and feels a bit low about that.
    Thanks for sharing your news- hope our prayers will help.
    Happy Christmas!

  8. I am so very sorry. Will be praying for a complete healing and strength for you in the coming days/daze. You are a great inspiration to me. I have been a lurking for several months.

  9. Heh. “quick and speedy”. Can you tell I’ve had no sleep? We have a new puppy, which is a lot like having a new baby, except your options for nighttime comforting are reduced. 🙂 I meant quick and complete recovery. Love to you all for Christmas.

  10. So sorry to hear about your foot but now your wonderful family can kick it up a notch to help you. Letting someone do for you will be your gift to them. It will increase their self esteem, feelings of empathy for others esp at this season, charity etc. Just try to let them….and I know that gets hard .being on the receiving end of help can sometimes be very trying.. Smile, take a deep breath and let them gift you with love (and may-be a cup of tea too.)
    Prayers are winging your way.

  11. blog hopping and saw this. Not sure if its too late. A man in our church has a boot on and is using a thing like a scooter to get around where he holds the handlebars and his shin is on the “seat” of the contraption, walking upright etc with the other leg. I was so amazed because my mother has arthritis, when she broke her ankle a few years ago she ended up destroying other things using crutches etc during the healing process.

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