What do YOU do when you can’t sleep???

one of the side effects of one of my drugs is insomnia… so here I rest, in my nest, NOT sleeping.

George is sleeping.  Right next to me.  Every once in a while, still sound asleep, he reaches his hand out to touch my face to make sure it’s still me there, keeping him warm.  He has NOT had a good day… his left ear drum ruptured this evening, despite oh-s0-many antibiotics.  There must be a weak spot in the drum from all his previous surgeries.  But obviously the infection wasn’t controlled, either.  I worry so much about his fragile hearing, that comes and goes with all these ear troubles.  his spoken language is SO delayed, and I know it’s not all due to the hearing loss, but still, it can’t help!  So tonight, I keep him tucked next to me, in case he has pain or a fever in the night.  I worry less when he’s close to me, right where he belongs.

But I still can’t sleep.  So i pull out my trusty headlamp, just right for working in bed without letting any light disturb little earache man.

Next from the pile of insomnia supplies on my bedside table is socks.  Ready to Kitchener.  I find that process tedious and boring, so it should help with sleep,yes???

but just in case, we add a sung rosary on my ipod.

It’s not conducive for speedy knitting, but that’s not what we’re trying to accomplish here.  I’m trying to quiet my mind, settle my spirit, and get to sleep.  Plus, it’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful….

one essential part of this plan for getting to sleep is to expect that youu might drift off right in the middle of something… so a rosary without hard pointy crystal beads is good.  You wouldn’t want to go through all this effort to get to sleep and then wake up thirty minutes later with a Pater bead poking your eye…. 

And George still sleeps… maybe after just a few more stitches on that sock, I can just turn off my headlamp and try to follow his example.  No worries, no concept of the future… just taking things as they come, happy with each new interesting day….

What do YOU do when you can’t sleep???

10 thoughts on “What do YOU do when you can’t sleep???

  1. Good morning Elizabeth. 😉 I take melatonin to help with the hard time falling asleep, but I don’t know that you could add that to your cocktail. I have no good methods to get me to sleep. I usually get on the laptop and surf the web and look at eye candy (fabric, in my case). The warmth of the laptop on my body helps to lull me to sleep on occasion. I try to remember to take out my contact lenses on these occasions. 😀 There are a few of us NMSLers still awake and active on facebook if your hands decide that knitting isn’t an option.

  2. Hugs! My latest insomnia bouts have had to do with various griefs and woes. I pray repetitively for healing of my spirit, forgiveness, etc. Generally a rosary will put me out, but sometimes not. Hey, is that cord rosary one I’ve made? Just curious.

  3. I take a warm bath or read. {Nothing too exciting though!} Here are things I don’t do: get on the computer {to visually stimulating}, get out of bed {unless it’s to take a bath}, watch tv {same reason as computer}. Your rosary is beautiful. Last year for St Nicholas Feast Day I ordered all of us one in our own color. They are very durable and can even make it through the washer & dryer.

  4. When sleep is elusive because of a mind that is too busy trying to figure out life, my young ones and I try to come up with lists of various things starting with each letter of the alphabet – this can be surprisingly challenging and occupies the thoughts without being a mental burden. I rarely get beyond the letter n! “OK, breeds of dog: afghan, beagle, corgie…..”

    (Prayers for George. My eardrum perforated a couple of years ago – ouch! – and my eldest son has conductive hearing loss due to recurrent infections which I always feel I should have been able to do something about. So I sympathize with you both. God bless.)

  5. Oh Elizabeth, I wish you didn’t have to deal with insomnia as a side effect. I pray the rosary to help clear my head, take away my worries and listen to God’s whispers. So often, it’s in the stillness and quiet of the night that I can hear him the best.

  6. I’ve rarely slept well since last year’s brain surgery. I have too much skull pain, spine pain, and vertigo to be able to have consistent, deep, restful sleep. It’s hard. I lay awake and pray and wait for sleep to return. My littlest boy hasn’t let me sleep alone since we found out about the brain tumor, so he’s right there, peacefully sleeping. I don’t get up, turn on lights, pull out an iDevice: same as when I used to wake up with babies who needed to nurse, I keep it dark and cozy and quiet. It’s hard. I am so tired, and I need to sleep. I have to be careful not to let my thoughts start running — then its way worse! Prayer and staying tucked in bed seem to be the best thing, for me. Sometimes I’m awake for hours (like last night). But at least that meant I was wide awake when my daughter needed her inhaler.

    Peace and prayers,

  7. Hello Elizabeth, I am sorry about the insomnia- I am a chronic insomniac, it goes in waves, worse when I am pregnant. I try to pray for the dying, the homeless, those who are sick and others who can’t sleep when I am awake. Sometimes it’s only a Hail Mary, other times a decade or two. I am usually not 100% alert when up at night. If I really can’t stand staying in bed I get up and do some spiritual reading or look at a book with nice pictures, nothing too taxing or which will set my mind whirring! I don’t look on the computer. Oh, and often a nice cup of Redbush tea!
    I shall be praying for you to be rested!

  8. Ellie, I’m adding you to my prayer list. Elizabeth and family are always there, and that will remind me to call out your name.

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