NowThank We All Our God, With Hearts and Hands and Voices!

This was the recessional hymn at Mass today and it has been with me all day.  How can I, myself, and how can I encourage my children to give thanks to God with all their hearts, with the work of their hands, and with their beautiful voices… speaking the truth, sharing their music… 

Today has been a quiet, quiet day.  I don’t know if I told you that two weeks ago they stopped all but one of my chemo drugs because of high blood pressure… well, this week after mega consultations and scans and all we restarted some old fashioned drugs… I don’t know if you’ve read about backordered chemo, but here’s a good place to read:

Taxol isn’t one of my current drugs, I pretty much used up my lifetime limit in 2008, but you can read the long, long list of drugs with shortages.  The thing about chemotherapy is that timing is everything.  They schedule cycles of drugs so that each dose hits when the cells damaged from the last round are the most vulnerable.  When one component of a four drug cocktail is late, it messed up the whole thing.

But anyway, I started my new oral drug this morning, only four days late, and I was suppsed to have my infision drugs on Monday but it looks like it will be Thursday (and of course Dixon is off Monday but working Thursday…)  So back to how this related to Thanksgiving… not having any idea how this new drig would effect me, we made few plans other than to just hang out, be quiet, and enjoy each other’s company.

We always go to Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving… there is NO WAY I could cook a turkey, ham, all those sides, biscuits and corn bread, pies and all, AND clean up after all of it and still have energy to go to the big parade downtown.  Well, today I didn’t have energy to go to the big parade downtown anyway, but it was still Cracker Barrel for dinner.  We brought Danny’s nurse and her daughter, and that was perfect. 

After Mass and dinner, the rest of the day has been pure rest and peace and just hanging out with each other….  here’s the reality, unedited, what we used our time for this afternoon list.  As you can see, we are blessed, blessed, blessed just to have time to be and to do. 

I washed wax.  It’s a good job for me because it takes time but no energy.  Tomorrow I’m going to start a tutorial about making beeswax block crayons, so this picture is to remind me of my best hint for you… when you’re washing wax cappings, if you leave your ladle in the pot while the wax separates, it’s easy to get the wax out of the pot. 

and i arranged cashmere for sock making tomorrow… tying together three sets of 800 yards each of lace weight cashmere, to be plyed together on the wheel….

It’s already supersoft… I hope the colors blend and stripe the way they’re supposed to….

And the kids all had plenty of time just to BE.  Lately things have been so crazy with rushing here and squeeing more in there… so Brian made us crepes….

i know there’s a little more sugar and vanilla in the recipe than perhaps is called for, but the biggest difference between these crepes and our usual ones is the eggs.  The ICU charge nurse at Dixon’s hospital has 75 chickens and keeps us well supplied.  Even in baking these eggs make a huge diffference in taste….

And Sam… how would he spend his day of leisure?  Lying on the floor doing math.  and more math.  and then thinking about more math.  and then perhaps assembling all his problems and proofs and getting on the computer and finding his friends who have also spent their holiday lying on the floor doing more math…. 

Emily takes seriously the “hearts and hands and voices” part of our hymn.  Today she has been a poet.  She had resolved to write a poem a day for the whole year, but with college applications and a super intense IB schedule, she’s fallen a bit behind.  Until today. 

I usually suspect that she’s happy with her work when her dimple pops up.  Simple barometer of Emily’s happiness quotient.


Danny – Nintendo something playing Danny.  Sometimes I worry that he is awfully sedentary, but it’s not like I can just send him outside to run around, so the balance is tough.  I think we are going to adjust his home health nursing hours to fix that a bit.  but for today, he had unrestricted access to his games.  Joy!!!

and by the time I got pictures of everybody else, which really only took a couple of minutes, George was asleep.  So there you go.

My gratitude list is so long that it would have to be a separate post.  Have you seen Ann’s 1000 gifts ipad app?  Tomorrow I am going to have one of my techie sons install it for me.  It looks beautiful, fun, functional…. but for now, just know that I am thankful for you.  It amazes me sometimes, the connections that happen through these little stories i post… i have made new friends, REALLY valuable new friends.  People have reached out to us… had Masses said for us, sent treasures to my children, beautiful handmade art for me… i’ve discovered other blogs, and my eyes have been opened to amazing work to save the most vulnerable children… my blog helps me stay connected to old friends scattered all over, and it even helps me stay connected to my mom’s friends, which is always good.

Now it’s time to climb in with George, and let this peaceful easy Thanksgiving day quietly draw to a close.  Good night.

4 thoughts on “NowThank We All Our God, With Hearts and Hands and Voices!

  1. What a blessed day and a wonderful family! Thanks for sharing your joy through pictures. Your yarn looks amazing too. May you continue to be blessed with joy and time together to just be…..continuing to keep you and your sweet family in our prayers.

  2. It looks like a perfect Thanksgiving day. The pictures of your family are wonderful, as always. Your words are eloquent and strike right to the heart of the matter. Speaking of hearts, yours is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your struggles, your joy, your family, and the love you bring to all you do. You are way intentional. Love and prayers.

  3. Happy thanksgiving, it really seems that today you really did give thanks, something we often fail to do because we are rushing around so much. We dont celebrate thanksgiving here, we are coming into summer and of course Christmas, so with advent we can now truly give thanks to the lord and extend this to our own families. God bless.

  4. You have such precious children! You know, we had some other friends this year who went to Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving and we decided that we thought that was a pretty fantastic idea for the future.

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