Not the post I intended.

In keeping with my committment to be intentional, I knew that I was going to blog tonight.  I have some wonderful photos of yesterday’s Catechesis of the Good Shepherd training and even how Emily and I put into place in Sunday School this morning what we learned just the day before.

But instead, you can look at grainy, poorly exposed photos of our dining adventure of the evening.  Tonight is my parents’ last night here for this trip.  I think they’re coming back twice in December, once when Emily conducts the senior orchestra at Myers Park High School and then for the week between Christmas and New Years.  But since this weekend’s wonderful visit is almost over, we decided to go out for supper, and even to invite Emily’s boyfriend.



Oh my goodness.  Typing the word “boyfriend” gives me palpitations.  I’m not kidding.  Deep breath.  But when I think about it, it really should have been the boyfriend (whose name is George, but we are not supposed to call him big george, because that’s just not right, so we sort of don’t know exactly how to refer to him, seeing as we talk about our george all the time, too…) having the palpitations.  There he was, sitting across from FOUR brothers right in a row, one of whom was being a total goofball, and right next to Emily’s grandfather, who asked enough questions that he could have written a hefty biography of the poor guy before the waiter even brought our food.

It was too bad that Dixon couldn’t have been there.  He and (big) George have only met previously on Skype.  But Dixon had to work (to pay for dinner 🙂 )

I was really impressed.  (big) George is a super nice guy.  Even though he has a relatively small family himself, he can handle answering Papa’s questions about changing technology in flight simulators and why someone might want to study poetry in college while simultaneously fending off Brian’s riddles and Danny’s questions about what coding languages he knows, concurrently keeping up discussion with Sam (who is his Science Olympiad partner) about how they’re going to divide up studying some esoteric astronomy topic.  You know, there are some people who, when faced with the prospect of dinner with our family, would probably go hide somewhere quiet.

That’s him.  (big) George.  Right there next to my baby.  I think I’m having palpitations again.  Oh, but the funniest part of the whole thing was in the car on the way home.  My parents drove him, Emily and (little) George home, and Sam, Brian and Danny rode with me.  I asked the younger boys what they thought of (big) George.  Danny’s response:  “No way!  That was George?  Emily’s boyfriend? ”  Oh that made me laugh.  Who in the world did he think he was talking to for two hours? 

So did he pass the test?  I’d say yes.  Very well.  It really was probably a tough situation for a 17 year old boy, and he was friendly, kind, polite (and this is starting to sound like that list of boy scout attributes…) … I think we all liked him. 

Before I go to sleep, though, I have to tell you about the last guy we put to the Sweeney/DeHority family test… this was LONG ago, when my sister Jane just started dating AJ (now her husband, so you know how that turned out 🙂 )  We all wanted to meet him, so we met in Washington, DC, where I was attending a La Leche League medical conference  (poor AJ… talk about an awkward situation to meet your future inlaws at….)  We decided AJ was a keeper right there and then because any unmarried man without children who would buy an 18 month old boy an ice cream cone and then hold him while he ate it had to be a good guy.  

Well, we didn’t make (big) George sit next to (our little) George.  But I’m sure he would have if we’d asked him.  I’m thinking he’s a good guy, too.

6 thoughts on “Not the post I intended.

  1. Hey! When invited to dine with the DeHority clan in East Providence, I didn’t hide. (But there were no Sweeneys there. Laugh!) It was lunch, however, instead of dinner. But still, I didn’t hide. 🙂
    sounds like a lovely evening. Both Georges must be great.

  2. I can hardly wait to here your father’s biographical skectch of big George. How funny that Danny didn’t realize that big George was Emily’s boyfriend. Who dod he think he was, just some kid you picked up on the way? I hope Emily managed the evening without wishing everyone would stop asking questions. Those first meetings can be traumatic for all, especially mamas. Prayers and love.

  3. Well done to you all and to (big) George – those first boyfriend meetings can be nerve wracking but you knew it was going to happen Elizabeth – it sounds like the boyfriend palpitations will settle down though 🙂 Hang in there and enjoy Emily’s conducting – don’t you just love those MPHS orchestra concerts? Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  4. Good for George (how about tall rather than big?), good for Emily and GOOD for you! I would love to hear tall George’s account of the evening! Love to all, SLP

  5. You are giving me palpitations thinking about future boyfriends and girlfriends! Well, good for you, Mama. Sounds like you handled it beautifully.

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