Drink Alert

Warning.  For your own safety, and that of your keyboard, put down your Diet Coke before watching this.

Watch till the end, the last kid is the best.

5 thoughts on “Drink Alert

  1. A much needed very big belly laugh! Worth booting up the laptop to see it!
    Sign me a fellow sneaky mom with the belly-ache!

  2. Those parents are a lot braver than I am. 🙂 On Monday it was my son Stephen’s 9th birthday. We came home from his birthday dinner and he said “Are we going to do gifts now?” I, ever so seriously, looked at his Dad and said, “Were we supposed to buy him gifts? Did >you< buy him any gifts??" Stephen looks at me, eyes filling with tears, and said, "But you SAID! You SAID that we were going to open gifts!! We would go out to eat and then open gifts!!" I couldn't take it and had to break character. You would think after living 9 years with his sarcastic father, that he would "get it" right away. I felt like such an awful mother, though!! I made my son cry on his birthday!! I'll have to watch this video again, because there was violin practicing going on and I couldn't hear much of the dialogue. That last duo does sound like a hoot. Thanks for sharing! God bless you, Michele F.

  3. Thank you for sharing this (and for the warning). The two brothers at the end were so mature for their ages. I love how the older brother tells the younger he was so close regarding his two plus two is five comment!

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