Updates. A post with no pictures!

Before details and answers to questions, you absolutely have to see this website with a nifty discipline idea.  Promise you’ll bookmark it and come right back, but it’s really a great idea, developed by a homeschooling dad


I got a lovely email from Mama Kristi yesterday.  Here is exactly what she said:

 molly is 5 days old, 26 1/7 week off the ventilator on cpap with room air
she’s doing so well
she loves to wiggle
cultures were negative so she is off antibiotics

What does this mean in English?  It means that she is healthy and strong.  The fact that she is off the ventilator already means that there are LOTS of people faithfully holding her in prayer.  CPAP is a machine most often used by overweight older men with sleep apnea, but they can also use a tiny version for preemies.  The letters stand for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.  It has a little mask that fits on baby’s face that forces air into her nose to keep all the big and small parts of her lungs nicely inflated to allow the oxygen in and the carbon dioxide out.  But there is a LONG road ahead for their family.  Months and months.  Plus, as thrilled as they are with Molly’s strength, they are still so sad about Elliot… 

And while we’ve got our prayer journals out, let’s write down Jenn in Virginia.  She is right in the hardest part of finding out if she has breast cancer.  I wrote to her last night that I truly thought that the waiting and uncertainty were harder than the diagnosis itself.  Jenn has offered so many rosaries for my intentions, can we give her the same gift? 

Finally, about the magic crock pot.  Yes, you really can put the insert on the stove.  Yes, it’s big enough for a big family with leftovers.  Yes, it’s outrageously expensive.  No, they don’t have it on Amazon.  But it’s on sale right now at Williams Sonoma:


And there you go, I think this is my first blog post (of almost 400) without photos.  I think I like the picture kind better…

3 thoughts on “Updates. A post with no pictures!

  1. Still keeping Mama Kristi and hers in prayer and now adding Jenn. The three weeks between my Mom’s mammogram and her breast cancer diagnosis were agonizing to her and to me (she was diagnosed officially less than two weeks ago). Prayers to you also, Elizabeth!

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