Knitting bones, socks, friendships…

an advance apology… I’m typing at 120 AM, I woke up because my morphine was starting to wear off and I’m still awake because I need dixon or emily to come get me all arranged to support the fragile burned spots from yesterday’s sugery… so if my spelling is bad and my grammar is worse, please forgive me, but I’ve wanted to get these photos of knitting with Ann up for ages.

Yesterday I had radiofrequency ablation surgery.  It’s actually a very interesting  concept, advanced by some rather unusual characters in their fields.

They put four metal conducting rods into and around my left hip and pelvis and cooked the bad spots until 90 degrees C  That’s like 194 degrees F.  No wonder it hurts so much.  You have to be awake for the whole thing, because they don’t want to cook one of the big nerves that supplies muscle function to your leg… so they do test zaps and if the world’s most excrutiating pain goes zipping down your leg, they move the metal things and start over.  Needless to say, even with my best Bradley natural childbirth techniques and Dixon by my side (they actually let him come in to the OR… that was our miracle for the day) I still cried once they started the actual cooking part.  Well, cried might be a rather mild word.  I can assure you, though, that there was no profanity 🙂

So today is post op day one, and it has been difficult.  I’ve been trying to distract myself by thinking of all the friends I’ve gotten to see lately…

Ann V. came through here very briefly on the way to a retreat on Hilton Head.  My big wish was this:  A long time ago, I handspun some cashmere for Elizabeth Foss to make her girls some shrugs.  Ann wanted one for her beautiful little girl, so I spun the cashmere and it was all ready to go.  But by then, Elizabeth Foss’s severe wool allergy had let us know that it wasn’t just wool… alpaca and cashmere were just as bad.  So EF couldn’t knit the shrug for Ann’s little one. 

Therefore Ann is going to have to knit this one herself!  So Elizabeth Foss put on a mask and gloves and did the cast on rows and the first few next rows to get the raglan sleeve increases all right.  Then she expressed mailed it to Ann, on the needles.

Talk about a group project!  I spun, EF cast on and marked and shipped, then Ann brought it right back to Charlotte to work out the sticky parts. (and Sam and George were in charge of photography)  But anyway, back to my big wish.  I would have loved to have Ann sitting on my sofa with me, feet up on the book covered, avalanche prone coffee table, for long enough for us to actually FINISH the sweater.  But we didn’t have enough time.  Ann had to be at a fancy recording place to do a webcast, so we compromised by taking Ann, the sweater, two boys and some socks to a Starbucks on the way between the airport and the webcast place….

And it worked out OK.  I also wanted to show Ann, since she is a published geographer and all, the eponymous sock knitting stitch “Kitchener” which is close to where she lives in Ontario. 

I showed her the stitch briefly, but then zoomed through the rest of the Kitchener process while she and Sam rearranged homeschool books in her suitcases and went to the UPS store to make sure she wasn’t overweight.  Her suitcases I mean.  Ann herself couldn’t be overweight if she tried, thus the need for red warm wool socks even in the very earliest part of September.

And speaking of socks, knitting this post all together, the blue ones are for Elizabeth Foss.  They are truly vegan socks.  No animal fiber anywhere,  I brought them to our brief knitting date so that Ann and I could both work on them together.  Because we really missed you, Elizabeth F.  You were there in the shrug, and you were there in our conversations and our prayers, and we both worked on your socks, but next knitting date, you need to be there for real. 

Until these pain management issues started to be a huge problem today, I had thought that maybe we could get together sometime next month,  but for now I think a reasonable goal is to figure out how to skype from my bed.  We’ll see.  Today I wasn’t able to knit anything at all, due to positioning and pain and sedation from the drugs.  Maybe tomorrow will be better….  Dixon, the kids and my parents all think that when I’m recovered a little bit, I should go to Michigan, and have some very peaceful quiet healing time with my parents and sister… without taking any kids with me… I’ll have to think about that one for a little while, but not now,  now I have to get Dixon or emily to help me get settled to sleep. 

Pray for less pain tomorrow, please.  Hurting this much is getting awfully discouraging.

30 thoughts on “Knitting bones, socks, friendships…

  1. I love the teamwork on this project and the very clever ways in which you all worked together to overcome ALL the seemingly impossible obstacles! Thank you for sharing such a very valuable lesson. Prayers for peace and tolerable pain…Thomas and Grace are ready and excited to be in your stead this morning for faith formation. You know the drill if you all need anything!

  2. Y’all are just too adorable….and a beautiful, beautiful picture of the body of Christ. Thank you for sharing this story in words and in photos.

    Though I rarely comment, I haven’t missed one of your posts in quite some time, and I pray for you every time I read one. Your strength inspires me…you are a shining star…a Rock star. Truly.

    Praying for all that concerns you, dear sister….especially for relief from pain. May every burden…every discouragement…roll off your shoulders and onto our Lord’s.

  3. I love group projects! This one looks like it was lovely all the way around. I’m definitely praying for you to have less pain and fewer worries. Sending you love and light.

  4. Dear Elizabeth,

    I love to read anything about knitting. I’m still in “practice/learning mode” and not finding much time to do that, although I did a little at football practice this past week. Wish I could have knit at the two games we went to yesterday, but I have to cheer really loud and ring the cowbell! It’s my dream to take a beginner’s class some day. I’m a really awkward knitter, and I feel that I need someone to show me how not to be awkward.

    You are often on my heart and in my prayers. I pray for you at each moment of Consecration, especially. My prayer today will center only on you (usually the moment is shared :-), and relief from your pain. God bless you!

    Michele F. in Michigan

  5. So sorry for the pain you are experiencing. I have a vein ablation surgery scheduled next month but I will have general anesthesia. I’m sorry you had to experience it awake. I will remember you today in front of the Blessed Sacrament and pray for an end to your pain.

    You are such an angel to continue teaching others no matter how badly you feel. You are a divine tool no doubt.

  6. oh dear elizabeth,
    i am praying for lessening of your pain
    and also that the procedure will produce long term improvement in your pain
    you are so brave……..and yes, even brave folks cry…….
    your kindness in praying for our twins is overwhelming, esp considering your own health issues
    3 more days to viability!
    we now know that our little boy has a large vsd and abnormal mitral and tricuspid valves
    that’s why his fluid has been so low
    the plan is to pray him to a birth weight that he will be big enough for corrective surgery……
    i’m a bold pray-er and please join us in praying that his heart will improve and heal so that he won’t need surgery or that surgery when he is older.
    thank you for reaaching out to me
    know that i continue to pray for you as well

  7. Peace, I wish you
    And relief, as well
    I know your Faith is strong
    No one else I know helps so many, so much, so often.

    I am working on tasks while wearing the world’s yummiest birthday socks.

    I hope today is better. Please keep me posted. I like the idea of your travel to MI for some respite and healing. I know it would be hard for you in many ways, especially the “no children” part!

    PS to Mama Kristi —- “THREE MORE DAYS TO VIABILITY” are beautiful words indeed! I remember thinking similar words while on months of bed-rest for pre-eclampsia while expecting my son. (I was afraid!) I wrap you in prayer as you and your beautiful babies continue journeying together.

  8. Elizabeth, thanks for posting. Those socks and the shrug are in such lovely colours! Did you dye the yarn? I am sitting up late catching up on chores- I’ll offer up and pray for you, hoping tomorrow is less painful for you. Love and prayers from across the pond. x

  9. PS, I was very interested to read the last post on pre-natal diagnosis, having recently had a new baby with Down Syndrome, our lovely Samuel. He is a little piece of heaven! I found the Benotafraid site very helpful when awaiting his birth.

  10. I have been checking for another post from you for quite a while and every time I looked and found nothing I said more prayers for you. You are a blessing to all who know you and I feal sure that with all the prayers you are receiving the pain will subside quickly. I’m just a lurker but I really admire you.
    May God’s Richest Blessings Be Upon You and Your Family.

    Janice from Pa.

  11. Elizabeth, you are always in my thoughts and prayers! There just aren’t enough words to thank you for all the ways you’ve touched so many…but that is YOU…always teaching, loving and caring!

    I think a visit to see your parents is a great idea…especially for them…gives them some time to take care of you!

    Love,hugs and lots of prayers!

  12. Elizabeth, I have a particular reason for admiring you which I may have the courage to tell you one day. Jesus is shining through your life. Keep on fighting the good fight. xoxo

  13. So sorry for your pain – that nerve thing is unbelievable as I know to my cost. You are a model in courage for your children and for the rest of us – may you very soon have a respite from needing so much courage.
    Hang in there and I hope the thoughts and prayers help.
    With love

  14. I love the group project and the great photos that Sam and George took! My hope is that your pain be less every day. Oh, and that you do come to Michigan to visit. 🙂

  15. I have lurked at your blog for awhile now and never commented. I just wanted you to know that I have and will continue to pray for you.


  16. Oh my dear, sending daily prayers to God for you as ever of course. You are often in my thoughts. I am so sorry that you’ve had to have such a painful proceedure, my heart aches for you. May God bless you and keep you, always.

  17. You are definitely in my prayers! Your strength (and humor) always are encouraging to me.

    If you do come up to Michigan, I’ll send you a little wave!

    And I love the group effort that went into the knitting. How wonderful of you all!

  18. Continued prayers for you, Elizabeth. I should say that we have a large(ish) family, so not only do you have my daily prayers, but those of the other 8 praying members. I can’t count the baby yet. 😉
    I personally feel the prayers of children are so strong because they are still so fresh from God.

    I love the socks! And cashmere, too! I hope to be starting my first pair of socks soon. I did try once before a few months back, but the above mentioned baby pulled out my needles and that was that. Now I know to keep my work up high and out of reach at all times. 🙂

  19. Thank you for sharing this, dear Elizabeth. My mothering and wifing (hhmmm, that is not a word) will be better because I know you.

  20. I have been reading for a while, Elizabeth…found your blog through Kelle Hampton. Yu are truly an inspiration. My mom is also battling cancer, for the 5th time. She is a fighter like you, but some days, just can’t bear the pain. My mom and I will pray for you…for strength, for peace, and for comfort. You are an amazing woman.

    Amanda…from Kitchener, Ontario. How ironic.

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