For Esther

In June, my friend Elizabeth Foss gave me the nicest birthday present…  She gathered a spiritual bouquet for me in the comments of her blog, and I can’t tell you how often I’ve turned back to those pages for encouragement and happiness.

Since Esther’s more tangible gift is, of course, not yet finished, I thought I’d borrow Mrs. Foss’s beautiful idea and collect some birthday blessings for Esther.  (meanwhile, f.y.i., the yarn for her socks was the Easter Egg dyed yarn from the tutorial I posted a while back…)

Our family got to visit Esther last week, and I took a few pictures.  Can you guess what this photo, above, is?  First correct answer in the comments wins a hank of undyed sock yarn and a package of Easter Egg dyes with which to dye it.  If you’re stuck, go read this post about Esther for a big clue.

I didn’t realize until we were planning this visit that Esther had never met George!  But before we spent time all together, Esther rescued Emily and me from the world’s ickiest hotel room and took us to a breezy quiet park to learn to crochet.

I have wanted to learn how to crochet for years and years but my need became more urgent when one of my friends wanted a pair of legwarmers that required an edging of single crochet.  I am so blessed to have friends who are happy to help out my other friends, and a group of us made fast work of these legwarmers.  But I wanted to do the crochet part myself.

So we learned.  Foundation chain, single crochet, double crochet.  I think perhaps chemobrain makes it harder to learn new skills.  But Esther was patient with me 🙂  As a knitter, I am totally a thrower.  Continental just doesn’t work for me, unless I’m doing two color work and have one yarn in each hand.  I knew I was pretty stuck in my ways, but we proved it when I started chatting while crocheting and she caught me with my yarn in my right hand, throwing just as when I knit.  I have been trying hard to keep things right as I’ve been practicing, but without the benefit of Esther’s watchful eyes, I tend to forget.

I was briefly tempted to keep Esther all to myself for the morning, but Emily needed a break from all those boys as much as I did.  Plus, she NEEDED to learn how to crochet, too.  Something about non-euclidian geometric solids.  It’s a math thing.  You can find in depth videos about it with lots of five syllable words in them on youtube.

I’m not sure whether this was exactly what she was intending to make.  We decided it was more aquatic than geometric.  I guess we both need more practice.

But meanwhile, Esther’s birthday.  She isn’t on facebook.  Many of her friends are, though.  If all you NMSLers reading this on facebook will click through to the real blog and leave a comment for Esther, I’m sure she’d love it.  She reads the comments even when they’re not special blessings for her, so this would be an extra wonderful treat on her birthday.   Thank you so much.


24 thoughts on “For Esther

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESTHER!!! May the dear Lord bless you on your special day and always. I am blessed, too, to “know” you. Love, Michele F. in Michigan

  2. dear beloved esther, there is no way i can adequately express my love for you, or the various and numerous and plethorific abundance of good wishes and blessings i hope come your way. so i just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear beloved esther, may our father up in heaven give you every good thing and show you his love for you every day.

  3. Happy birthday, dear Esther! I haven’t seen a picture of you in so long; you look lovely! I pray God continues to bless you as you bless so many others.

    Lindsey in Alabama

  4. ❤ Esther ❤
    *H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* *E*S*T*H*E*R*
    Sending birthday wishes your way — Wishing you a year full of only good health for your whole family, lots of livelihood and happiness, and G-d should bless you with revealed goodness always.


  5. Oh Esther, you have touched my heart so many times with your kindness, your patience and your prayers. I thank God for you and hope that your day is wonderful!!! One of your special intentions is included in my daily prayers. Happy happy birthday!!! Love you!!

  6. Esther! I’m so happy to send you greetings for your birthday. You are so kind, and funny, and thoughtful. You are a blessing to the world and everyone who comes in contact with you. I wish you a year of love and laughter. I am so thankful for your friendship. God bless you!

    Love, Kristi from nmsl

    P.S. Amelita says happy birthday, too

  7. I guess that’s a picture of the prison where she volunteers. It looks amazingly beautiful and church-like where you can’t see the barbed wire fences. (Now, I’ll feel really stupid if it’s not!)

    Happy Birthday, Esther! You are a beautiful woman and I love the story of your reconciliation epiphany. You are doing a wonderful thing for those men. God bless you!

  8. Esther, your generosity and kind heart for those in need are a blessing and an inspiration to me. I love how you look out for the often forgotten victim–those who might be scorned and rejected by everyone else–but those whom Jesus would also see and love. May this be your best birthday ever (at least until next year)!

  9. MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY!! Esther, I consider my life richer for knowing you, Dear Friend. May you be richly blessed as you have blessed so many!

  10. Your picture has to be of the prison! I am so glad Esther is there to minister to these men, what a wonderfu gift to give them!

  11. Happy Birthday, Esther!

    Although we haven’t met in person, I can tell from your posts what a wonderful person you are.

    Thanks for teaching Elizabeth how to crochet…can’t wait to see what she creates next!

  12. Happy Birthday Esther….may your days be continually filled with warm sunshine, gentle rains and soft breezes. Our Heavenly Father above will bless you beyond your wildest dreams, because you are a special child of God. Happy days, and blessings to you today, tomorrow and for always!!!!

  13. happy birthday esther!

    my guess is that it’s a prison. i’ve been a religious volunteer at them before. there are times when i’d rather work with the inmates than the people in my husband’s parish.

    i’m also laughing because i’m a crocheter who can’t knit to save her life. two needles requires more coordination than I have.

  14. Happy Birthday to Esther!! She sent me a package several babies ago which helped me really really learn to knit – it was an instruction book and some lovely yarn. Anyway, she has always been an encouragement to me and I so hope she has the loveliest birthday!! Esther, you are a precious gift to so many, and I hope your day is filled with many blessings!

  15. Hey! I just realized that Sheila from Texas and Elizabeth from North Carolina have something quite surprising in common. (Also in this unusual group of people sharing something in common are their husbands and one or more of their children.)

    They’ve dined at Gregg’s in Rhode Island!

    Thank you all for the birthday greetings! I’m truly enjoying them and cherishing them.

  16. Yes, the photo above is Men’s Maximum Security section of the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institute. The building is pre-Revolutionary. Quite something, eh? Elizabeth forgot to tell you what’s directly across the street from Max. 🙂

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