T shirts for Sam’s jump

Finally the team shirts are done!  In case you didn’t hear about the whole thing, Sam gets to rappel off a REALLY tall building as a fundraiser for NC Special Olympics.

Now we need everyone who donated $100 or more to the fundraiser to email Sam (Samm547@gmail.com) with your shirt size request.

As you know, we’re on the big east coast college tour… Besides visiting al these schools that Sam and Emily are going to apply to, everybody got to choose one other special thing to see or do.

  • Danny:  The White House (although I think he ended up liking the Federal Reserve better… they have interactive exhibits which are wonderful)
  • Brian:  The USA vs Mexico soccer game in Philadelphia Wednesday night was first on his list, closely followed by spending the afternoon with the Foss and Foreman boys just playing in the lake in Charlottesville
  • Sam:  The Spy Museum in DC.  This was indeed way cool
  • Emily:  Walden Pond.  We went there today.  I am most impressed with how the parks people have reasonably balanced preservation and recreation.  It was funny, though… we were there to immerse ourselves (literally and figuratively) in a literary landmark… the locals were there because it was a hot Friday afternoon and it’s free swimming…)

Tomorrow we see Harvard.  And tomorrow I am going to replace my broken card reader to that I can keep up with all the photos…

So anyway, if you contributed to Sam’s fundraiser, please email with your shirt size… Thanks!









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