Emily’s view

I’m sure there’s a way to magically copy a blog post from a daughter’s blog and just paste it right in here…

because now that my baby is seventeen, she usually wants to speak for herself.

I am blessed that she really seems to be quite capable of doing that.

maybe i should have realized just how capable she was when her college application essays started moving me to tears.

So anyway, we are on a road trip to look at colleges.  her blog uses far more photos, many more poems, and hardly any prose.  but it certainly tells her story.  On the week that includes her birthday, it seems right to let her tell you her story, free from the mama-filter that she has outgrown.

next week i have to craft a letter to her guidance counselor at school, telling about the wonderful things about Emily that won’t show up on a transcript or resume.  They will use this to help write the best possible letter of recommendation for Emily for college… where will I even begin???

But you can start with HER story.  And if I knew how to link you to her you tube channel, I would do that too, because confining Emily to still, two dimensional works without sound is sort of not fair.  However, that’s beyond my skill set… maybe there’s a secret way to get from her blog to her you tube channel?

Anyway, here you go.  Life, according to Emily.

5 thoughts on “Emily’s view

  1. Elizabeth, I don’t know where you will begin, but I know you won’t lack for material.

    Emily, You are a multi-gifted young woman. You will make your mark in many places and with many people, and all of them will be better for the experience of knowing you.

  2. Happy 17th Birthday, Emily! I’ve always known you were special and you’re as entertaining now as you were when you’d visit my shop!

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