An abundance of friends!

I’m not the best hostess around here, so I don’t often have friends visit.  Besides, it’s hard when Dixon works nights, I’m always tired, and excuses, excuses, excuses.

George looks like he’s trying to ask me if Miss Rowena and her splendid daughter Ella might could stay forever??

I said yes, so now he’s happy.  Not that he wasn’t happy before.  When you are three and a half, there’s not much better than TWO big kids to imitate and love.

Danny and Ella… hmmm… I’ll watch them for a while and see if I can do what they do.

I might just have to get up and do whatever it is they’re doing.  Even the mamas don’t understand exactly what it is, but it must be important if Danny and Ella are involved.

OK, now I am definitely one of the big kids.  For sure.

Although I’m still not sure I understand what we’re supposed to be doing here.  Are the rules written down anyplace?

Time for pictures.  The NMSL ladies would never forgive us not taking pictures.  There are photos of Danny and Ella together when they were exactly the age George is now, but I just can’t find them… maybe Mama Rowena has hers?

Just time for a quick brunch before Rowena and Ella had to get on the road to continue their journey and we had to get Emily to the train station to get to school.

On her way to the North Carolina School of Science and Math as a SENIOR!!!  this year for a week of labs and seminars.

So we had to say goodbye to Rowena and Ella.  You know, we usually see them only at chess nationals… this year we have firmly resolved, with the help of Your grace, to get together in early fall. 

But I only had a little time for weepiness when ANOTHER friend arrived!

Miss Ann Voskamp, caught in the act… taking photos in my house!  I told her it was only allowed if she photoshopped them to blur out the clutter that was certainly in the background of every single shot.  She promised.  And she’s coming back to see us September 6, so that’s not too long. 

An abundance of friends.  Plus Sam is back from his Latin intensive course at Christendom, Brian is back from a week of being spoiled by some uncles, and Dixon is back.  Back from where?  From deciding that the uncles and Brian were having too much fun without him so he decided last minute to take off and join them.  He had a wonderful time too.

10 thoughts on “An abundance of friends!

  1. It appears that you all are having quite a bit of fun! My little one likes to join in with the big kids as well…I think he and George would have quite a bit of fun together!
    The book Emily has looks interesting- I may have to go find a copy! Praying she has a great week away at school!

  2. So thankful for these glimpses into your life. “An abundance of friends.” I’ve been made aware of this gift in my own life lately as well.

    God bless you. Keeping you close, as always, in prayer…

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