Danny had a concert today

at the end of our local suzuki association day camp.  It’s been a great week for him, he was the lowest level kid in the higher level group, so that totally pushed him to make huge gains in just a few days.  I LOVE having him come home all excited about what he’e learned, and even more I LOVE having him realize that you don’t have to be the best at all musical things, and that there is great satisfaction in working through a previously really hard piece. 

But on the way out after the concert (during which he got to do an improv solo!  As a second grader!)  he fell.  He’s mostly OK now  but my heart was so sad!  He wants to climb stairs, but his ankles don’t bend AT ALL in his braces, so it’e like being in big ski boots.  and his balance is terrible.

right before the concert I texted Mrs. Foss to pray, i always have this vision that he’s going to fall carrying his violin going up the steps in the front of the church where they perform. 

he got through the concert, did GREAT and was so cute and funny.  but walking out of the church I let him carry his instrument beacause i was carrying a sleping george and Emily had the oxygen, the emergency bag, his case, his lunch box…

there were four wide cement steps, he missed the second one down and fell off the steps, like a tree (he doesn’t have the reflexes to put his hands out) and landed on his face and on his G tube and on his knees.  Violin crashed, bow went flying, danny was motionless. 

i think my heart stopped beating for at least four beats, because when it started up again there was a BIG thunk, 

I picked up the violin first.  I didn’t want anybody to step on it.  what kind of a mama doesn’t pick up her child first?  Me, that’s who, and I just keep replaying it in my mind with increasing guilt.

 Danny never cried.  Two of his little friends and I lifted him to his feet, and we decided to look at the injuries (to Danny AND his precious instrument) when we were safely in the air conditioned car.

 Assessment:  Big bruise one knee.  Big scrape of road rash other knee.  hematoma where top edge of brace cut into leg.  Bleeding around gastrostomy tube site, but this isn’t new, this is why he’s having surgery next week.  Broken bridge.  Unsure status of soundpost.  self esteem very poor.  . 

 I try hard not to feel sorry for Danny.  We try to make things as regular as possible.  but you know, sometimes his life is tough,  he hurts all the time, everything takes so much more effort, he has to follow such a strict schedule with feedings and oxygen and all, and as his friends mature, their physical differences are becoming so much more apparent to everyone,

 Mostly he doesn”t want to keep falling all the time.  His new braces have helped his scoliosis and his ankle positioning, but not his falling very much… maybe he even falls more, we’ve not been doing the formal counts like during school.  I think perhaps it’s time to get him back into physical therapy to see what the wise Miss Karen can do to help us.   Of course that’s hard with george and with my new chemo and all… but Danny needs to be at the top of the “most important needs in our family”: pile for a bit, I think. 

So anyway, he got to rest this afternoon and this evening, with unrestricted computer time.  He worked on his website a bit.  I know I’m biased, but I think it’s wonderful, considering he’s a second grader who has typed in all the code for it all by himself, line by unintelligible line 🙂  Go see it:  www.paradeschool.com  and even sign up for his contest.  He checks his google analytics first thing every day; it might make some of the pain from his knees and his G tube and his broken violin feel better if he had some traffic on his site. 

And PS… I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  I am just not a successful multitasker, and by the time I get everybody in bed in the evening and take all my medicines and all, I just can’t put two coherent sentences together, much less with pictures… so tonight, since Danny asked me specifically to post about his website, I decided to have a large dose of caffeine and give it a try.  Tomorrow I’ll try hiding in the bathroom or something so that I can post in the middle of the day when I’m not feeling quite so bad.  We definitely need to come up wtih a good posting plan, I have so many pictures and ideas and things i want to share with you.  I’ve missed you this month.  But if I’m going to be able to post tomorrow, I need to go to sleep now.  but let me go check on Danny first.  Poor guy.  I hope the pain in his tummy and his knees doesn’t wake him up.


14 thoughts on “Danny had a concert today

  1. Oh, Elizabeth, I’m so sorry about Danny’s fall. I fall on a fairly regular basis-the scabs are just now ready to heal on my knee-because I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing. Danny’s case is entirely different. I know it hurts you as much as it does him. I don’t know how it feels to be different and hurt all the time and know you can’t do what everyone else does. I can only feel the hurt in my heart, His physical wounds will heal, and you and the rest of your wonderfully loving family will support him emotionally. He is such a bright little guy, he’ll make his way. His will not be easy path, and it may not be a straight one either; but I bet he teaches us all about how to live. If I can figure out his contest, and I have my doubts abouts about that, I will do my best. I miss your blogs; you have so many competing priorities. I check with your mom when you haven’t posted to see how all of you are doing. Love and prayers.

  2. Danny, Heaps of congratulations from ‘down under’ in Australia. I’m glad you are like my fellow ‘countrymen’ and keep bouncing up and hopping on!!

  3. Lots of gentle hugs for Danny, and for you, too Mama. You are all doing the best you can; that’s all that any of us can do.


  4. Elizabeth, don’t beat yourself up for grabbing the violin first. What if you would have started trying to help him first, which would have taken more time than quickly grabbing a violin, and in the process of helping him, someone actually did step on the violin. You would have had a little guy who was hurt and his crushed violin…insult to injury.

    I agree with Kristi, you’re all doing the can.

  5. Danny, I think I entered your contest. Maybe I didn’t follow the rules correctly. Nancy

    PS While I was playing your reflex game, I must not have been paying attention to your satisfation. One of my responses was “Have you been drinking?”.

  6. Ohhh that’s too bad. 😦 Poor guy. I hope that the surgery helps him! But massive kudos on the violin successes!

  7. Oh no! So sorry about Danny’s fall. I bet his performance was wonderful, however!

    I’m heading over to Danny’s site right now. I always have lots of fun there.

  8. Oh, I am so sorry! It’s all just so hard sometimes. Praying for you and for Danny, I’m so sorry he fell.

    Peace and blessings,
    ~ Ellie

  9. i think that any second grader who can code a site as well as danny does is seriously cool. there are adults who can’t do that!

    hope you feel better danny (and elizabeth)!

  10. I love Danny’s site and can’t believe he’s only 8! He’s done a very good job on it! I would have to say he has a very bright future ahead of him!
    Picking up the violin 1st was the right thing to do Mom! He’s a big boy and the fall had already happened, no use risking him losing the instrument as well as the fall. Falls happen, it’s how we recover from them that matters. You will make sure that his performance in his concert is what he remembers from this day!

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