Pride vs. Being proud of ???

We are still at our Suzuki institute, Music in the Mountains…  learning, working, playing (and taking naps on picnic blankets outside under the trees) 

All day yesterday I was so proud of my children I just wanted to burst.  I managed that overwhelming emotion in a variety of different ways… self restraint, tears, jumping up and down applauding wildly…. 

Two things in particular stood out.  First, during Danny’s Master Class, he was not allowed to play a single note.  You know, violin is REALLY hard for Danny.  Doing something different with each hand, controlling his scoliosis enough that his violin doesn’t fall off his shoulder, modulating the efforts of all those muscles in his arms…  His Master teacher this year, who has known him since he was a baby, coming here with the big kids, spent his whole lesson yesterday talking with Danny about how it would be an injustice not to do whatever it takes to fix his posture and his bow hold and his playing position.  Saying “Danny is not capable of doing that” would be a profound insult to a young man with beautiful music in his soul.  Oh how I cried!!! 

And there were more tears later… the concert last night was the advanced children and faculty.  For so many years, my babies were the ones sitting on the floor in the aisles, listening to the big kids play pieces that sounded truly impossible.  Last night Sam joined Emily up there for the first time… and I sat next to Brian and his friends watching them anticipate that next year they would be there, too.  Then I sent Brian up to capture a few moments on video.  I think it’s possible that Brian is worse with a video camera than I am.  However, we gave it to Emily to find some of the less jiggly moments, and now you might not need Dramamine to watch it.

I hope one of those jumbles of code I just stuck up there work…

But right now I have to get many children and many instruments and many bags and music stands into the van and go learn more music.  Maybe next year you can join us here.  It’s the most wonderful place in the whole world.

5 thoughts on “Pride vs. Being proud of ???

  1. Isn’t it just the most wonderful thing to see such very talented young people doing what they love. You have some wonderful teachers there who recognize that some of us need a little more help than others. Thank you for a great post.

  2. Had Jonathan (my 6 year-old who JUST had his FIRST violin lesson this week thanks to you, Elizabeth!!) listen and watch….His comment, “Are you sure that isn’t from the radio?” Beautiful, beautiful!

  3. Beautiful music! So inspiring! And how wonderful for your children to get to spend time with teachers who see what they are capable of and will challenge and encourage them to make their dreams a reality!

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