Ready. Go. School. Learn. Music.

Emily is hard at work with her string quartet or I’d have her video George’s latest big sentence. 

This picture is from last year.  If you look back through my old posts for the end of June each week you can see what our family loves to do together best.

One week in the mountains of Virgina, eleven miles from the nearest fast food restaurant, absolutely nothing to do but enjoy listening to children making music. 

Oh, and eat.  That’s the other thing we do here.  Mostly picnics under the trees by the duck pond, or joining lots of other families together in the college dining hall, but once or twice each week we get to go to this special restaurant. 

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life (P.S.)Barbara Kingsolver’s local foods restaurant is the next exit down on the highway from the college.  It’s a truly wonderful place.  Last night the kids, my parents and I ate there… even George was good.  Dixon doesn’t get to come up until late in the week, he’s staying home to finish his work week, so maybe we’ll eat here again before leave.  We ran into some dear friends from our years of Suzuki… Kelly and Paul have been coming here almost as long as we have. 

It’s friends like Paul for Sam, Peter and Nolan for Brian, August and Liam for Danny that make this Suzuki Institute really exceptional.  The boys are with the same kids every year… boys whose families value musical education like we do, boys who share many of the same experiences, boys who engage in some good-natured competition to keep up with each other every summer.  It would be bad if you came back one summer and your friends had gotten moved to a higher group without you.

So I pack up everything … Danny’s equipment, all the instruments and music and stands and books and bags and 56 pairs of socks.  “No,” the boys remind me, “we need black socks for concerts” … make that 62 pairs of socks. 

Speaking of socks, there’s the NICEST yarn shop near here:

I snuck out before Emily’s classes started yesterday to go visit.  I found the niftiest sock needles ever.  You know I’m solidly in the DPN camp when it comes to knitting socks.  I’ve tried magic loop, I’ve struggled with two circulars, but DPN’s just make me happy.  And these DPN’s are really special. 

These needles are made in Viet Nam from old and broken musical instruments, and from leftover musical isntrument factory wood!  So I can sit out in the cool mountain air, listening to my children making beautiful music, knitting socks for my husband on perfect, smooth, fine needles made from old violins!

I brought my video camera, too, so we’ll see if we might be able to capture George’s long sentence.  Because we are definitely Ready.  to Go.  to School.  to Learn.  Music.

17 thoughts on “Ready. Go. School. Learn. Music.

  1. What a fun camp! I think that it is pretty neat that they get to be with the same friends every year- how cool!
    I want to go to that restaurant too- Sounds yummy!!
    And, the needles made from old musical instruments? What a gift to find those…that week…while your kids are at the musical camp! Plus, that yarn looks pretty soft- your hubby is a blessed man! 😉

  2. If George is Ready. To Go. To School. To Learn. Music… then please tell me that you finally gave him the sign for HARP. 🙂
    I’m so happy that you are immersed in all kinds of beauty again — for your ears, your eyes, your tongue, your spirit, and even your working hands (special DPNs).

    Do let me know if those knitting needles from old violins also come in circ’s.

  3. … circ’s…. or crochet hooks. They are more likely to be also crochet hooks, but you never know. And so I ask.

  4. How wonderful! I am especially delighted that you get to eat at Harvest Table because I LOVE AVM. In fact, it is waiting at the library for me right now (on hold) so I can read it again while nursing.

  5. Have a wonderful week! It sounds like such a nice time.

    I am glad to see you posted again. Every time you go a long while between posts, I wonder if you are just busy or are feeling extra bad, and I worry. Hope you’re doing all right.

  6. Wow, it all sounds wonderful! Music is such a gift, isn’t it? Suzuki piano has turned my Joshua’s life around this past year.

    Blessings and peace and healing prayers, as ever,

  7. Glad to know where you are. It has been very quiet around here–no soccer balls flying, either. Hope the week is filled with glorious music, plenty of rest and enough knitting time to soothe your spirits. Best to all, SLP

  8. Seeing Elizabeth’s family is one of the special things about our music camp. What a joy to have run into her at the Harvest Table and to have had a quiet few moments to tell her just how awesome her blog is and how inspirational she has been to me. (I’m afraid I gushed; but if I were queen of the world, Elizabeth’s blog would be delivered to everyone’s doorstep, like the morning paper. And the world would be better for it.) Oh, and I had a couple of terrific conversations with Danny, who is quite the intellectual now, I see. Looking forward to the next several days in this wonderful place with wonderful people like Elizabeth and her family.

  9. She has a restaurant now?! Awesome! I loved Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (even if reading it does make me ravenous)…
    And what beautiful pictures! It all looks lovely. 🙂

  10. Here”s to another wonderful week of music, family, and friends in such a beautiful place. The hills will be alive with music, laughter, happiness, bird songs and bubbling brooks. What more could you want? (Um, chocolate comes to mind – tee hee!)

  11. Music truly nourishes the soul, doesn’t it? Sounds like a wonderful week, and what a perfect find, musical knitting needles! I had no idea that Barbara Kingsolver has a restaurant; I love her books. Glad to see you posting again and hope this means you are feeling lots better. Carpe diem!

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