I think it looks like a brain.

This morning has been “emergency spinning” time.  One of my friends is knitting her BSJ for the knitalong with some wonderful cashmere but I didn’t send her enough pink.  So in anticipation of starting our knitalong, and also in anticipation of adding yet another chemotherapeutic toxin to my cocktail tomorrow, George and I figured we’d better spin fast.

So I spun, and George sat on my lap and helped.  I weighed fiber, and George methodically cleaned off the kitchen table.  I got three bobbins ready to ply, and George found my secret stash of molasses cookies in the pantry.  But finally we got it done, and popped it in the sink to scour.  I figured that while I had a sink full of hot soapy water, I might as well wash some of Danny’s tube feeding parts, so I plopped the new yarn on the counter.

I was happily scrubbing away at the tubie parts in the sink, and looked over, and there was a BRAIN on my counter. 

But anyway, it’s your last day to get your yarn and needles and stitch markers and blog picture linky things set.  Go over to Mrs. Foss’s blog for last minute instructions.    I can’t start my knitting until I get all the wonderful First Holy Communion photos loaded.  Just you wait… they’re even more beautiful than a wet cashmere brain.

4 thoughts on “I think it looks like a brain.

  1. Gosh – word of advice to all — Do NOT read about George helping with spinning and such while eating a mouthful of hot reheated leftover Chinese food brown rice!

    (Rice does such terrible things to the photocopies one might be lovingly collating and stapling for a trip to prison on Wednesday. BTW – the girls at the counter at Staples treat me like a queen for some reason. They always copy my stuff for the prison onto the very nicest heavy weight bond paper, even if I never dream of asking for such, and charge me the standard price. It’s so delightful to be collating and stapling NICE paper (versus the cheap-o crud I run thru my printer.)

    Miracles: I have found my BSJ pattern. I have found my BSJ DVD. I definitely have needles and stitch markers. I am sure I have enough yarn of any one type or color. I think I’m even signed up to participate.

    I promise a tatted Cross as one of the prizes. Should I mail it to you?


  2. I love your cashmere brain!

    My mom and I just ordered our BSJ patterns this morning (I completely forgot to a week ago) so we will be late to the game.

    Good luck with your treatment — we are praying for you.

  3. That is one very pretty brain!

    I hope that all goes well with the new part of your treatment. You are in my prayers.

    I’m very much enjoying the BSJ knit-along. I hit a bump in the road and unraveled and re-cast-on today, but with your excellent instructions, I now have all of my markers in the right place and I’m proceeding with confidence!

  4. Hi y’all! This is Betsy’s daughter Callie. Danny did great with his 1st communion! George is so big Danny is growing up TOO fast! I am now 12! My birthday was on the 11. Please tell everyone we all love y’all!
    ❤ Callie

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