Ready, set, knit! (soon)

I collected all the comments and emails, consolidated them, and Mrs. Foss and I put them up at her blog.

Go to . (sorry you have to copy and paste, I don’t know how to do linkies on my iPad… That’s why all the administrative details are over there…. ). And read some details, get a button, and sign up. You have to sign up by May 8th, Mothers Day, to be eligible for prizes.

I’ve been busy assembling little detail videos and taking pictures of transition parts to make it all ssSOOO easy. This is going to be a great project!


PS – Nancy and Ellie, there are specific responses to your comments over there , go see!

2 thoughts on “Ready, set, knit! (soon)

  1. Thank you SO much for doing this knit-along! I have never knit a sweater before and I have always wanted to try Elizabeth Zimmermann’s patterns and I am going to be an aunt again twice-over this summer (a nephew arriving in July and a niece in September!), so this is a great opportunity. Your support and help will be so much appreciated. Many blessings to you, and my heartfelt thanks for your encouragement and guidance!

  2. This looks like such a fun knit-along but I have to get a couple of other projects completed right now, so I’ll be following in spirit, just not knitting the same stitches 🙂

    And I have to thank you for inspiring me to refurbish my spinning wheel and put it back into action after something like 15 years of gathering dust. 🙂

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