Getting Ready for the BSJ knitalong

Wow!  What an amazing response!

I am collecting questions and comments, and Elizabeth Foss and I will post an FAQ on her blog ASAP, I promise.

Meanwhile, the good folks at Schoolhouse Press , where you can order the written out line by line pattern (and way too many other wonderful treasures… wool, and books, and DVD’s…) pointed out that the linky thing in my last post didn’t work.

Since it will take a few days for your pattern to arrive in the mail, if you’re going to need to order one, go to

The pattern you want is

A-B-C-SJ (Adult, Baby, Child’s Surprise Jacket)

Or you can get the pattern included along with the DVD, or in the book “The Opinionated Knitter” …

The A-B-C-SJ pattern is good because it includes line by line instructions for ALL sizes, as well as ideas for variations. 

The Schoolhouse Press team knows all about our BSJ project and is supporting us… so if you order your pattern from them, can you let them know you’re getting it for the keeponspinning knitalong? 

4 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the BSJ knitalong

  1. i somehow missed the pattern on the website–but bought the opinionated knitter–hopefully i can manage with just the original!

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