More friends! More yarn!!

I am overwhelmed with how happy all these photos are making me.  You know, you can send somebody a pair of cashmere rosary socks, and you can be pretty confident that they will be worn and appreciated.  But when you mail a friend an unfinished project that might could get a little messy, you never know…

I hope you looked at Lark’s yarn…  now you have to go see Katie’s and Karoline’s.  Katie is my skype knitting friend.  When we’re stuck on hard parts, we encourage each other.  She has a very good attitude about mistakes in knitting… she is totally unafraid to drop a stitch down off the end of her needles to pick up a problem further down.  And then she just happily sits there in front of her skype computer, rearranges all the stitches, gets them mounted right back on the needles and knits away!  But even better, when other people have mistakes in their knitting, she encourages them to just keep on going and not worry so much. 

Here’s the link to their new yarn…  go look and leave them a comment!

4 thoughts on “More friends! More yarn!!

  1. i love that you have these little knitting friends. they will remember that an adult thought they were special and probably have an extra special fondness for knitting as a result.

  2. Elizabeth ~ my mom found your blog and passed it along to me. My daughter Annie went to weekday school with Brian. You are an inspiration and a blessing. Thank you for sharing so much of your life. Praying for you!

  3. I wanted to drop a note to you to let you know that Monday afternoon, I assisted Chase dyeing his own skein of yarn. He is so excited about having created his own skein for a future project.

    I posted the pictures on my blog to share.

    Thank you so much!

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