Preparing for Easter.

Lent… Maybe because it was late, maybe because everybody’s in school, but it’s seemed like forever.

Danny gave up being conceited for Lent.  Really.  He told me the other day that Easter better come fast.

George did NOT like dyeing eggs.  He thought there was some sort of food involved which we were not sharing, and that made him quite upset.  When we wouldn’t let him use the spoons to eat dye soup, that was the last straw.

Danny doesn’t eat eggs, because of the protein metabolic thing… except today, when he got one good big bite of a hard boiled egg with salt and pepper.  I think he’s OK with not having more eggs for another year.  Maybe it’s an acquired taste.

Brian, on the other hand, … “Mom, if I broke it, do I get to eat it?” 

We learned years ago that hiding real hard boiled eggs is not something our Easter Bunny should be allowed to do.  So they stay in the fridge until after Mass tomorrow.

With 39 days of spiritual preparation behind us, today we turned to … um… can you call it corporal preparation?  This year our Easter Bunny got all new eggs, with halves that fit each other.  They’ve been hiding in the trunk for ages.

Finally certain young boys went to bed so the work could begin.  And then one got up, couldn’t sleep, and only hot cocoa would help… had to hide the evidence fast 🙂   One of the Easter Bunny’s assistants had been washing windows up at church with the other altar boys early this morning and would have appreciated being allowed to go to bed much earlier… but he was a good sport about it.

Now the shirts are all pressed, there are 12 shoes found (was 14 but Dixon wore his to work so that nobody would borrow them)  and dinner is in the fridge.  I think maybe we’re ready.  Happy Easter. 

P.S. … Mrs. Walsh reminded me after Mass Thursday night that I never posted trophy photos from Columbus.  I’m sorry!  Tomorrow.  I’ll try.  Thanks for your patience with me.

4 thoughts on “Preparing for Easter.

  1. Happy Easter!!!
    (I can buy yarn again! Is that a “yay!” or an “oh my!”)

    Our Easter Bunny forget that half our kids are gluten free eaters. It was quite disappointing for the celiacs to find COOKIES AND CREME bunnies in their Easter baskets. Good thing the non-GF kids were willing to swap Rolos and Bliss for C-&-C binnies. Easter Bunny brought me a bag of jelly beans. I *think* I saw a note from the Bunny that said he meant to get me an IOLI membership, too, but ran (or is it ‘hopped’?) out of stamps. 🙂

    Hugs and Blessings to all of you!

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