Emily. It’s either one or the other.

Super-fast post. Emily and I are on the way to the pediatric neuro-ophthalmologist who has been taking care of her since she was a baby. This is a VERY important appointment.

When she was born, she had light perception only. Later, very gradually, miraculously, she developed some usable vision.

Over christmas break, Emily took drivers Ed with Sam, just because.. And of course she failed the vision test and couldn’t do the behind the wheel part. We have since learned that there are special restricted licenses for low vision people that let them drive on local roads just in the daytime, for example.

We have also since learned that the state division of services for the blind pays for college for blind and very low vision people. ALL of college.

The cut off number is the same. And her last appointment she was right at that number.

Above, she can drive.

Below, college is paid. Totally.

At the number… Neither. (not both, I asked)

We’re on our way. I don’t even know what to ask you to pray for. Guess it’s one of those “thy will be done” things….

7 thoughts on “Emily. It’s either one or the other.

  1. His WILL *will* be done, so don’t worry about it. Worry does no good any way.

    Hey wait…. Am I not the one who says “Worrying works! Ninety-nine percent of what I worry about doesn’t end up happening.”

    HA HA —- I guess you SHOULD worry! 🙂

    Either way, it will be wonderful. She will go to college. Driving would be nice, too. Either way, all will be fine.

    Love and hugs,

  2. You trust so much. Trust on this one too. I remember when your mom siad your big hope for Emily was to percieve color. And now look – a wonderful young writer, fantastic big sister….

  3. “Thy will be done” is the only one that works because His will will be done no matter what our prayers are. He will take care of Emily.

  4. You have a wonderful family that beautifully handles everything and is an example to all of us who struggle with the little things. Whatever happens, you will handle this with the same grace. “Thy will be done…..

  5. Oh, I can totally understand. My husband has very low vision and was unable to get a driver’s license until he was in his early 20s, after he had gone to university and changed his plans for a career because of not driving. (I don’t think we have anything here for free tuition for visually impaired though). I know either way is going to be heartbreaking and gratifying at the same time. If it were me, I’d wish for her to be able to have college paid for. Perhaps, in time, her vision will improve even more and in that time, she will have gotten an education (would she have to reimburse the tuition if her vision changed?). I also just feel that 16 is too young for many teens to be driving and if I had a law on my side that could stop my teens from driving till they’re older, then I’d be happy 🙂 LOL.

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