About my journey…

Elizabeth F told me on they way to the airport in Washington, D.C. this morning that she needed to do her blog post about our time together before she read Ann’s…. Among the countless things I have learned from spending three days with writing women I so admire is how hard it truly is to be an author…

But since I’m NOT a real writer, I didn’t feel the need to impose the same restriction on myself. Therefore, I can also share with you.

Here is Elizabeth F’s blog post about one of the most wonderful days I have had EVER. Oh my gosh, I learned so much, saw so much, have so many images in my heart and eyes that I want to learn more about. Go see her pictures and read her words. She captured it all just right.


8 thoughts on “About my journey…

  1. It looked like a beautiful day, and a very beautiful place to spend a mom cation. I had the privelege to attend Catholic University, so I understand the power of the Shrine. I lived across the parking lot in Gibbons Hall (the building that looks like a castle) for two years, so that the dome was the first thing I saw every morning, and the bells of the campanile were my constant companions. Many was the exam I studied for in the hush of the crypt, or the musical water of the Irish Chapel. many were the moments of peace, or courage or wisdom I felt after spending some time in some nook or cranny there. I feel so happy that you were able to be there too, as you are in my daily prayers and now it feels like we have a small, but significant connection.
    I pray your journey gave you strength.

  2. Welcome home! I am so glad the trip was as wonderful as you hoped.

    If our cameras could adequately capture the miracles embedded in the art then there would be no need for any one to go visit these holy places. We would be satisfied with books or TV. It is a blessing from Him that the camera will always be inadequate to the task of capturing the essence of the art, just as the art is inadequate to capture the essence of Him. Some photography approaches “Ah! That’s right”, and some art approaches “Ah! Abba!”. But it is truly a blessing that we are left yearning.

    Speaking of art, the patron Saint for today is Fra Angelico.

    Love, hugs and boundless gratitude for your joy and your safe journey.

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