Inspiration? Motivation?

Oh my gosh, the past few weeks have been tough.  My unsolicited advice to any and all:  Never have a root canal and chemotherapy on the same day.  But please note that I didn’t take my own advice,  and after making the mistake once, repteated it fourteen days later.  Two days after that I had some outpatient surgery on my hip.  Unwise.  Very unwise.  But neccessary.   Certainly more neccesary than having Sam get hit by a car.  He is all recovered, but the phone continues to ring with offers of amazing bikes for him and requests for him and for me to participate in any number of interesting civic boards and organizations that promote and/or manage non-car transportation.  Did you know that less than one tenth of one percent of the kids who go to public school here walk or ride their bikes to school? 

No word yet from the woman who hit him or from any witnesses. 

But anyway, all of these medical things and all of the commotion about the bike have wiped me out.  Getting simple little things done … well… I’m not.  Or at least not much.  Or not well.  Remember that old commercial about “Your get up and go got up and went?”  If they remake it, I could star in it. 

So when something happens that all of a sudden gets me going in the right direction, I’m very thankful.  Like valentines, for example.

Danny’s second grade school-school class exchanges valentines.  But only homemade ones.  Sigh.  I totally agree with the concept, but lack the oomph to carry it out.  Danny needs a LOT of hands on help for these kind of fine motor things.

He decided that printing them on the computer was NOT making them by hand, so we tried using my magic stamper machine.  Even with my arthritis, I’ve always found it easy, but for Danny it was a struggle.  Turns out it’s both a mass and leverage issue.  If he weighed more, and could balance standing on a tall chair, I think it would have worked better.  So we struggled and procrastinated.

Until a perfect bowl of valentine’s flowers came from Moira.  Exactly what I needed to get into the spirit of sharing greetings with friends, and then all of a sudden Danny and I got a burst of energy and got his cards done.  Isn’t it amazing what an improved attitude can do to make something more fun?   Nothing else changed except my wanting to pass it forward, but that was enough, with leftovers even!

It’s not like I’ve been lying around all day, though.  I should be, but since my hip surgery, it’s just hard to get comfortable and to be still.  That makes my hours in my lymphedema pumper machine really challenging, and I’ve been squeaking by with the bare minimum.  Not good. 

Another one of my friends helped fix this trouble yesterday.  She sent me a beautiful CD to listen to while I have to be still in my machine.  It’s harp solos by a very talented young artist.  The funny part is that I think George hasn’t ever heard a harp before.  He walks over to the counter, looks up at the CD player, and looks and thinks and looks and thinks.  He signs “music.  music.  I like” quietly to himself.  Then louder, he signs “Violin.  NO.  Piano.  No.  No.  No.”  Then he thinks some more and goes away, only to return and resume the whole thing a few minutes later.  If it weren’t so cute, I’d take pity on him and find the sign for harp and show him a youtube video…

But anyway, Kimberlee’s music is perfect for my pumper time.  It helps me stay still, but doesn’t put me to sleep.  The kids have put it on my ipod to take to chemotherapy tomorrow. 

Speaking of ipods, there’s nothing like knowing that you have less than 12 hours until you have to spend a WHOLE DAY in the infusion center to motivate (inspire?) you to clean up your ipod and find some new librivox treasures.  Even though one of my friends finds Librivox to be way too cumbersome to be worth it, I love it.  In case you haven’t discovered the best kept secret on the internet, here’s the deal.  Librivox gets volunteer readers to do unabridged audio recordings of any and all works in the public domain.  Then we get to download these audiobooks for free. 

My favorite method of doing this is via itunes, in the podcasts department.  Many of the classics have been read by more than one reader (or teams of readers, soemtimes… which makes plays WONDERFUL to listen to…)  On itunes, you can easily listen to the first bit of each version of a book to decide which voice you like best.  I have loved listening to Karen Savage’s versions of Jane Austen’s novels, so for tomorrow, I downloaded her unabridged readings of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s “Little Princess” and “Secret Garden” as perfect chemotherapy listening.  (that last linky is a page with links to 117 works she’s read for Librivox.  Wow.)

So now that I’m over my valentines attitude, and have caught up with my pumper time, and gotten my ipod filled with treasures, I’m ready for tomorrow.  Like always, Danielle will have George, Saranextdoor will take care of me, my freezer is full of suppers and my children’s drawers are full of clean socks, so I’m ready to go.  Just pray that they can get my IV on the first stick.  I wonder what would inspire or motivate my nurse????

11 thoughts on “Inspiration? Motivation?

  1. Bring a leftover-flower-transformed-to-valentine for the IV nurse. I am sure that would motivate her! Offering all of today for you, and taking you in my heart to prison tonight. (No Wednesday big snow storm! Hurray!)

  2. I can’t offer motivation for the nurse, but I can offer prayers…There, prayers offered and a special call to Sts Cosmas and Damian for the nurse to be on target the first time.

  3. You are one awesome woman and an amazing Mom! Sandi forwarded me the letter-so scary, so sad, so glad Sam is safe! I miss seeing you! I’ll be thinking of you today!

  4. Lovely surprise to see your new post today- thankyou! I really enjoyed reading it. My 6 year old has horrible d and v today- lots of cleaning up to do- I will try to offer it up cheerfully for your long day tomorrow. Love and God Bless.

  5. Thoughts and prayers are with you today, well and always, but especially today.

    Charlotte must have a symphony and maybe George could be taken to see and hear a real harp if someone could contact the harpist. Or maybe a church in the area has a harpist that would let George come to see and hear it.

    Glad Danny has his valentine cards ready as that IS a big deal!

  6. Wonderful book choices for tomorrow! You will be in my prayers and my thoughts. IVs can be so hard, I am so sorry. I hope it all goes easily in terms of getting set up, and that you’re able to relax into the day … The freezer full of meals sounds fab! I’m not yet conversant in the kitchen but on Monday a church friend brought over a terrific meal (with enough for leftovers!) — makes all the difference in a difficult week.

    ~ Ellie

  7. I am sorry I misunderstood about the flowers and valentines on my first early morning read. I hope the nurse got the IV right on the first try. Love & hugs. I head back to prison in an hour. You are on my heart, mind, and prayers.

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