That giving-up-naps stage.

George is a quiet child, he only says a few words… Hi, Papa, cheese, and he signs most everything else… but today his silence was LOUD.

It called me to come take a nap with him.  There he was, sleeping, in my bed, taking his real afternoon nap in maybe a week?  If we dare put him in the car in the late afternoon, he’ll sleep then.  Of course that makes bedtime a disaster.

And if he stays awake through the afternoon, he’s cranky, cranky, cranky from just the moment Brian gets home from school-school until he falls asleep in tears as I get Danny ready for bed.

But last night he slept restlessly, he has a sinus infection and a fever… so this morning we didn’t go to speech therapy, we stayed home and rocked in the blue chair and ate crackers while we watched Dora.  I decided not to worry about all the crumbs in the upholstery. 

Right after lunch, right on schedule, (the OLD schedule…) he fell asleep.  I put him in bed and resolved to attack the pile that grows under the kitchen window.  Just as soon as I checked my email 🙂 .  You know.  One thing led to another, and I ended up here.

That was it.  The pile under the window?  Or climbing in with George? 

Kitchen pile ZERO, George ONE.

Mama, infinitely blessed.

4 thoughts on “That giving-up-naps stage.

  1. And we are blessed that you share your story with us! Thanks for the pictures, stories and oh how precious are those videos!

    Hope George will share even more naptime moments with you!

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