No more two year olds.

We don’t have any two year olds at our house.  I love two year olds.  It is absolutely my favorite age.  They are still definitely little, but certainly not babies.  Not that there’s anything wrong with babies 🙂 !

I wonder if all mamas with quite a few children who know that they won’t have any more get sort of sad about each birthday of the youngest one?  I told Danny today that I was going to miss having a two year old around here, and he told me not to worry.  He told me that we were going to adopt a baby girl with brown skin and Down syndrome.  “Oh, really?”  I said.  He’s actually told us this before, but I pretended to forget, just to see what he’d say this time. 

He was very patient with me, and explained that “our ratio is wrong,” so our baby needed to be a girl, and we didn’t have any babies with brown skin in our family yet, so “that’s obvious, mom!”…  and it needs to be still a baby so we can choose her name, because if she was big and already had a name, it wouldn’t be right to change it.  “And why does she need to have Down syndrome?” I asked him.  He gave me this certain Danny look that he reserves for people he thinks aren’t being very smart.  “Because we’re experts about Down syndrome, mom, from loving George so much!”

And George, our new three year old, is becoming an expert at many things.  He is learning his sign of the cross.

He likes eating with a fork, because things stick better than on a spoon.  Even if it makes me nervous.  But I guess now that he’s three, I need to get over that.

He is already an expert at climbing, and as you can see above, he can combine skills, climbing up onto Daddy’s big chair and sneaking a bite of Daddy’s cake with that scary fork.

I think his best skill, though, is making us laugh.  He knows just how to make it work for each of us.  Unfortunately, what makes certain brothers laugh is when George is rather naughty, and then, even more unfortunately, that ends up making me laugh, and then all hopes of discipline are gone. 

But even if hopes of good discipline around here are long gone, we now have hope for the possible survival of Brian’s ipod.  George LOVES to put Brian’s ipod into its docking station and try to find his favorite songs.  The problem is that once or twice it must have turned on by accident when he dropped it, because George truly believes that dropping the docking station off the side of Brian’s bed is the way to make it go.  So for his birthday, George got his own MP3 player, with a good long warranty. 

And by the way, look at that picture again, just zoomed in a little bit:

There you have it.  An electronic media device, clearly marked.  Red means stop, green means go.  I told you so.

12 thoughts on “No more two year olds.

  1. wait, what??? three??? that is impossible. i demand a recount.

    happy birthday, sweet george, and happy BIRTH day to you, elizabeth. may you both have many, many more together.

    love, rowa___.

  2. Yes, we are sad 😦
    WOW–can he really be three??? My guy just turned three…but surely not George! Enjoy the next phase, my friend.
    They do grow up waayyy too fast :sniff:

  3. Wow, that sweet boy is three!?! I remember when his Nana and I taught him the fine are of fabric petting and that seems like it was just last month! Sigh……where does the time go?

    Happy Birthday George!

    P.S. Danny’s reasoning skills are amazing!

  4. Happy Birthday, George! You just don’t get any cuter than that happy little boy! Love that smile!

    I have to agree with Teri, Danny’s reasoning is amazing…and I imagine “challenging” at times. The funny(?) thing is, he’s usually RIGHT!

  5. Thank you for sharing George’s third birthday. I agree that the first years have flown by. Out of the mouths of babes, ” We are experts at Down syndrome, mom, from loving George so much. ” He’s got you there. And I love the ratio theory. He’s quite the thinker. Is Danny’s look similar to a teacher’s look? I’ve got that one down pat.

  6. So………did you hear Sara Palin yesterday? She was talking about kids with Down’s, and I agreed with her. Ouch ouch ouch, it hurt a little but she is right on the money.

  7. Sorry I’m late again. Happy Birthday to you and George. How delightful that he is three already. So many scary things for him and for Danny and yet the keep on growing. What a blessing. Love and hugs to you. I’m taking you with me to prison tonight.

  8. Oh! Happy Birthday!!! I love babies and toddlers but 3 has a particular sweetness. What a blessing it all is. My baby is eight, a fact I find a trifle inexplicable … I still hold out hope that he isn’t actually my last … We never do know what God is going to give us, just round that next corner.

    Blessings and love and peace to you and your family Elizabeth.

    ~ Ellie

  9. I think we all keep the “oldest youngest” count. My two youngest are now the “odest” any on my youngest have ever been: 11. I will tell them they are my babies and they get grossed out (They are boys!) But then I tell them that all of my children are still my babies in my heart. Time can’t take away those memories.

    On another note to Betsey – I searched and could not find the Sarah Palin quotes she refererencedl Would love to read them. I gave the web site for Down”s Research to a teacher friend of my who is tutoring a little girl with Down’s. Elizabeth, you never know how far reaching your impact is! Blessed holidays to all of you.

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