A sensorial experience.

I had a moment (or two 🙂 ) of getting distracted at Mass tonight.  I was kneeling, with my elbows resting on the pew ahead of ours, and I could smell the oil on my hands from being annointed earlier, and the scents from the beeswax from all the candles and the incense were all mixed in. 

When Danny was in the Primary classroom in his Montessori school, his teacher highly valued sensorial experiences.  When he arrived at school soaking wet from riding in his violetmobile in the rain, it was a sensorial experience.  When he got filthy up to his eyebrows on the playground, it was a sensorial experience.  When she lit candles on the cafeteria tables designated for their class every day, all year, it was a sensorial experience. 

Text and photos are easy to share on a blog.  Some really smart people have music on theirs, and my children can put videos on mine.  But isn’t it unfortunate that the sensorial experiences we can share are limited to sight and hearing?  When I write about spinning and fiber, I wish I could share the textures with you.  And today, if you had been at Mass with me, I think all of your senses would have been engaged… mine were.   Oh my gosh, the music was so beautiful… Danny was still and silent for well over an hour, it was that amazing. 

Now that I think about it, isn’t the whole concept of a sacrament a way to make grace a sensorial experience? 

And the sensorial experiences of my day – and the graces and blessings – haven’t been confined to church.  I got flowers from a friend… with the best note attached ever.  George and I made gingerbread, and somehow the big kids convinced me to let them eat it ALL right before dinner 🙂  I’ve gotten emails of love, caring, support and encouragement… prayers from all over the world.   Plus Mass on a special feast day! 

I have no doubt that at at least two of my children will grow up to be computer internet design engineer type people.  Maybe they can figure out a way to share the scent of my flowers in my kitchen, and how the oil feels when you’re being annointed, surrounded closely by all your children and your sweet husband, and how warm fresh gingerbread tastes when it’s really cold outside.

Meanwhile, thank you.  Today has been such a good day.  Oh, one more thing, though.  A favor.  Does anybody have Lisa Tobin’s mailing address?  Can you email it to me?  I can’t find it tonight, and I think she needs the sensorial experience of a handwritten thank you note… hearing the “swish BANG” of the postman dropping the mail through the door… feeling the crunch of good paper when she opens the envelope… imagining the warmth and happiness of my smile as I sat through a full and beautiful Mass she arranged especially for my intentions.   I wonder if I can find a big enough envelope to fit in the sensorial experience of cashmere rosary socks…  she just might like those, too.

Oh!  One MORE thing.  Totally cool website:

Go to http://www.papermodelkiosk.com/shop/index.php and click on Free Downloads for the niftiest free printable Nativity 3D scenes ever.   I am trying to keep this site a secret from my children – no more printer cartridges until I buy stock in HP 🙂 !

9 thoughts on “A sensorial experience.

  1. Oh my gosh, Elizabeth! I may not have been there with you, but your description makes me believe I was. What a beautiful day of sensory experiences. I can smell the scent of the roses and the stock and taste the warm gingerbread. It’s wonderful! And I do own a pair of your very special socks. They are going with me to a sewing day at my friend Anne’s house today. I like to sew without shoes on and your socks will keep my feet warm as I sew.
    I continue to pray daily for you and your dear family.

  2. Wow! I actually think you accomplished providing us with sensual experiences…I have no doubt with your help those computer design engineers can come up with solutions!

    Praying and savoring your words…also going to attempt making gingerbread this weekend!

    Lots of love, hugs and prayers!

  3. You have a way with words, so much so that I could almost smell the oil, candles, roses and pine, and the gingerbread. Your day made me smile. Thanks to you for sharing it – as it is a gift to all of us.

    Peace and prayers to you and your family.

  4. Last week, I received the most wonderful socks ever! Since I have not been keeping up with “my” blogs since the beginning of Advent, I didn’t know you were looking for my address and so I was very surprised. I have more to say and will do that privately, but I wanted to say “thank you” here and now and remind you that you are in my daily prayers. Oh, and please tell me if there are any special washing instructions I need to know. 🙂

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