Good thing I’m done with my Christmas socks.

Tonight is the annual Christmas dinner for the book club I’m in.  I think I was pregnant with Emily or maybe Sam when we started this book club, so that means it’s the 15 or 16th annual Christmas party.  I have had dinner and good discussion with the same group of friends every last Tuesday of the month for at least 15 years. 

For the past few years, I’ve brought my box of finished socks to our Christmas party and everybody’s chosen their favorite pair (and Abigail’s chosen a pair for her mom, who truly understands the value of rosary socks, but that’s beyond the topic for today 🙂 )

I always worry that if I give too many away right as I make them, there won’t be enough socks in the box for everyone in book club to be able to choose something they like, but somehow in the beginning of December, they seem to multiply and the box gets full.

So there are cashmere socks with sparkles and cashmere socks without, wool socks with squiggles and wool socks with stripes, and even one lonely pair of cotton socks.  I think I don’t like knitting cotton socks, but it was worth trying.  Once.

But it’s good that I got enough socks done, because I’ve encoutered yet another impediment to my knitting.  I thought lymphedema was enough of a problem…. when my left arm is bandaged from fingertips to shoulder, some things are hard to do. 

So now we add right hand troubles.  This morning I got a work in appointment with an orthopedic hand specialist because there was something so wrong with the base of my thumb that I couldn’t pick up George at all.  Turns out that in one joint all the cartilage has gotten eroded away, so the bone is rubbing on bone, and on the other side of that joint, there was a bone spur that just fractured off, so now it’s floating around in the way….  The hand specialist talked to me about it all, injected some steroids into it, and put me in this immobilizer for a while.  Maybe if it’s better in a while we can change to something a little more flexible, he said. 

Knitting socks I can live without (sort of… maybe….)  But how exactly am I supposed to change diapers with all this on???

7 thoughts on “Good thing I’m done with my Christmas socks.

  1. What a blessing to meet with friends regularly and for so long! Your socks are beautiful. Wishing you a Christmas full of peace, love, and joy! Prayers for you and your family. +JMJ+

  2. Elizabeth, The socks are beautiful, and I can only imagine how your book club members look forward to picking out their favorite pair. But now your right hand! I am so sorry. More and more prayers and love.

  3. Now that’s a great book club! Here I’m admiring all those beautiful socks you’ve knitted and I realize you are giving them to your book club members you’ve enjoyed for FIFTEEN years… I have got to stop complaining about not having any time!

    Hope your hand is feeling better. Sending lots of prayers and love to you and that sweet family of yours!

  4. Oh my dear! I’m so sorry about your hand! Now, we mamas are very adaptable, and I am certain you’ll find a way to change those diapers! 🙂 but the knitting, I am sorry. Perhaps the very stillness of your hands will become a gift … No matter the pain, or the difficulty of the path, God is there, in every footstep, every breath. Prayers for peace and healing, as always.

  5. As usual, your photos are beautiful! As usual, I am impressed with your talent. As usual, I am sending thoughts and prayers your way. And as usual, you will be resourceful enough to figure out how to meet the challenge of the diaper!

    I hope the splint helps with the problem.

  6. Remember how you said I knit mittens like you knit socks? Well, you are wrong. I look at that pile of socks and realize I’M A MITTEN PIKER !!!

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