Up and down

George’s crib down.

He wasn’t sleeping in it anyway 🙂

Christmas tree up in its place.

In the boys’ room, in the front window, where the crib used to be.  They like the lights from their beds, I like being able to see the tree from the outside.  I knew we had to get the tree up soon, before Susan F. snuck one in again!

Church calendar down.

This is the first year we’ve had a big liturgical calendar for the kitchen wall, and I’ve loved it.  We got it from here.  The new one will go up as soon as we have space again.

The Jesse Tree up in its place.

If you go to my friend Ann’s blog, you can get her wonderful ebook to print out with every day’s readings and ornaments.

World’s most neglected roses STILL up.  Go figure.

And the obligatory sentence about how I’m doing… I’m up and down, too.  Losing two days each week to the effects of toxic chemicals is sort of frustrating…

… especially when I’m not at all confident that they’re working.  I see three of my doctors over the next 8 days, so we’ll see what they say.

6 thoughts on “Up and down

  1. I know George really likes the idea of his bed being replaced with a Christmas tree. How special is that! You can tell the boys are excited too…great job decorating!

    You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers and even more so for the next 8 days…actually you’re always just a thought away!

    Lots of love, hugs and prayers!

  2. You’re in my thoughts and prayers, your whole family. Advent is such a blessed time of year, a lovely counterpoint to the weight of ongoing testing and treatment, I find. Wishing you peace.

  3. How can I be 3 days behind and not know about this post? Love the tree! Hope Susan doesn’t resent being thus thwarted. 🙂
    Love, hugs, prayers & endless gratitude for YOU.

  4. Elizabeth, You are always in my prayers, but I am also sending lots of good, positive thoughts your way as you have your doctor appointments. Perhaps the prayers and positive thoughts are one and the same. Ellie wished you peace, and I echo her thoughts. Love

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