You saw it here first!

The big buzz in my faith formation classroom this morning was that today’s the day that Allison becomes a real sister and gets her new name.  Danny and a few other of my students were lucky enough to be able to be at her Mass, which was said by the Bishop of Birmingham, Alabama.  We even got to sit close up enough that  Danny could see everything – while she got her hair cut off and got her habit… and when she got her special rosary.  When Allison was in our class she explained that they wear their big rosaries on their left side just like a knight would wear his sword…   so the knight can use his right hand SWOOSH!  to pull his sword out  to fight evil.   The boys in my class were SOOOO captivated by this concept.

But the children in class today were most interested in learning about what her new name would be.  I promised the ones whose moms read my blog that I’d post her new name just the very moment I got home, so here it is:

Sister Mary Raphael.  A beautiful name for a beautiful nun on a beautiful day.

5 thoughts on “You saw it here first!

  1. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for letting us who don’t know her personally join in the wonderful celebration. Rosary as sword, how delightful. Padre Pio says the rosary is the world’s most powerful weapon. 🙂

  2. When I pull up the photo on my phone, something funky happens to the picture. Funky and wonderful. Sister becomes surrounded by a big glowing halo!

  3. Wow Elizabeth. I know we’ve never met, but I found your blog through Elizabeth Foss a year or more ago and read and pray for you and your sweet family.

    To think, that you and I(with my 3 daughters) were at the same Mass and I didn’t even get to say hello.

    Wasn’t it lovely. Such a beautiful young woman. Such a calling. Such a beautiful new name and beginning.

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