We interrupt our Halloween series to show you something important.

This is not a costume.  I didn’t wear it trick or treating, and I didn’t get it trick or treating (although wouldn’t that be amazing?  Knock knock.  Trick or treat!  Hi, would you prefer a Snickers bar or a handknit cashmere shawl?  Oh, let me think.  Uh, I think I”ll take the shawl.  Thanks!)

But anyway, you know all those cashmere socks I make?  The cashmere comes from a place called Colourmart.    I get bags of their leftovers on ebay.  Over the years, the Colourmart folks and I have become friends.  Richard spoils me with the world’s finest cashmere yarns (truly… I could type for hours on various sources of raw cashmere, the milling capabilities of different countries, and all… but you would get really bored after about one paragraph, so I’ll spare you.  But the yarns Richard sends my way are truly the highest quality available internationally at any price…)  And Sue spoils my children.  Have you ever seen Emily’s video comparing British and American candy?  I need to have Sam teach me how to link to Youtube…

But anyway, when Richard sends me yarns that come on cones, Sue sneaks candy and treats for my kids into the cones.  She finds all sorts of interesting things that you don’t see here, and hides them in the package.  My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE untaping the ends of the cashmere cones to see what new and exciting treats are inside.  Then they spread out all the candy and they and their friends have quite the afternoon trying different things…. choosing, trading, reading all the wrappers…

Don’t worry, there were treats for my babies in the most recent parcel, but there was also a wonderful gift for me.  Sue knit ME a lace cashmere shawl.  I knew she was an accomplished knitter… I follow her projects on Ravelry (Ravelry is like super-Facebook for knitters 🙂  but oh my gosh, this shawl is so pretty and perfect!

Look at all those stitches.  And Sue is a brave knitter… when you choose a symmetric, geometric lace pattern, you can’t make ANY mistakes, or they totally show up.  Maybe that’s why I knit socks… who in the world would notice a wrong stitch in a sock?  Come to think about it, my socks really don’t have a pattern to get stitches wrong in… I guess that’s why I knit socks. 

Have I whined about my lyphedema lately?  You know that big thick bandaging thing I have to wear on my arm?  It makes wearing a regular jacket or sweater impossible  (not that with my surgically and chemically induced hot flashes I’d want to wear a coat anyway! )  But shawls are perfect.  I actually have a few that special people have knit for me… a red prayer shawl (and two years later I STILL owe the friend who made this a photo of how it fits .  Oops.  Note to self, have Emily take a picture of me tomorrow) , a warm purple –  blue –  teal wool wrap that goes perfectly around me AND George… a big lace scarf that used to cover my post-chemo head that now  I wear with everything from jeans to dresses…

My ivory cashmere shawl will be my dress-up shawl.  It needs to go out for a fancy dinner with Dixon SOON.  It will certainly go to Mass with me this Sunday.   And Christmas.  Definitely Christmas.    Sue, thank you ever so much for knitting such a beautiful work of art for me.  I’ll wear it and love it (and use it as an excuse to get Dixon to take me out 🙂 )  You’re the best.

Oh, one more thing before I go.  I promised two friends that EVERY SINGLE time I blog, instead of just bragging about my children, I’d put in at least one sentence about how I’m doing.  Today I’m not doing too well, I had a five hour infusion today, then came home and fell asleep.  I slept right through my medicine time and got way behind on my fluids.  Therefore I have to catch up on my fluids despite being really sick from being late with my anti-throw up medicine.   I think I might try to never make this particular mistake ever again!    So there you go.  That was even more than one sentence. 

Tomorrow, the rest of the Halloween photos.   I didn’t save the best for last, but they’re fun anyway.  Good night.

8 thoughts on “We interrupt our Halloween series to show you something important.

  1. It really looks so much better in you’re photo’s and as I ahve said it was my pleasure just to think you like it majkes me feel warm inside thank you
    Sue xx

  2. The shawl is amazing! Sue, you made a beautiful shawl for Elizabeth, you surprised her, you gave her a reason to go out to dinner with Dixon, and you sent treats to her children, then we all got to be the recipients via Elizabeth’s photos and comments. Thank you for giving all of us who follow this blog a reason to smile! Your act of kindness is special on many levels.

  3. Jaw-droppinly beautiful shawl!

    I think I sent you a Tootsie Pop dressed up as a doll once. Laugh! That’s about the most exotic candy in RI!

    Love & prayer & hugs & anti-puke lotsa-liquid vibes from RI.

  4. I can’t even imagine how to knit such a beautiful item. The most elaborate pattern I use has a yo or two, maybe a k2 p2. Oh boy. What a treat!

    PS Use all the alarms available on your cell phone for your med schedule. Prayers for you.

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