Laughter on Halloween.

There is no way that these few still photos can possibly convey the wonderful spirit of my two oldest, but until their youtube video is done, they’ll have to do. 

Just imagine yourself inside your house, Halloween evening, and the doorbell rings.  You go to the door, open it, and this is what you see.

So you walk down your front steps and knock on the door sitting on your sidewalk.

Two little old ladies answer the door.  “OOOHH!  I LOVE your costume!”  they tell you.  “My goodness, aren’t you cute!”  When you’re not sure exactly what to say to them, they remind you, “Say ‘Trick or Treat’ and we’ll give you some candies!”   Sam stretches out his oven-mitt covered hands so that you can reach his cake pan and help yourself.

“Now don’t forget to say hi to your mama for us!”

(photos of everybody else tomorrow for sure….)

11 thoughts on “Laughter on Halloween.

  1. They are remarkably creative–a couple of chips off the Mama block! Danny’s costume was wonderful, too! Happy Halloween! SLP

  2. Emily and Sam are as clever as their mama! Both the idea and the two little old ladies are cute…..cute…..cute! Sorry Emily and Sam, perhaps you would prefer “slick” as a descriptor, rather than cute. Happy Halloween to your family!

  3. Okay, these are definitely YOUR children! I’ve seen a lot of Halloween ideas lately, but this is the best idea yet! Good job Sam and Emily, I might need you to borrow you two next year!

    Happy Halloween!

  4. Luckily, the only thing which they inherited from their father is the unfailing habit of leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor.

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