The Church Year

I suspect that a large percentage of Catholic homeschooling moms have a liturgical calendar hanging in their kitchen.  But I think my calendar has a problem.  It’s missing the two most important days in the church year!  No matter how carefully I look, I can’t find First Holy Communion day or the Parish Carnival on it anywhere!

I look forward to this day all year.  The tooth fairy must even know about it… Danny lost a tooth Friday night and she gave him enough money to get TEN game tickets.

I thought this year George would finally have developed an appreciation for cotton candy and snow cones.  Nope.  He only liked the balloons.  We even tried frosted cookies with sprinkles from the bake sale.  No luck.  Maybe his throat still hurts?

My favorite part  – which is for breakfast, lunch and dinner on carnival day – is the Men’s Club grill’s bratwurst, smothered with onions, peppers and mustard.  Don’y worry, I didn’t get a beer to go with the breakfast one.

The big kids get lots of service hours working at the games and the rides.  Danny and Brian especially like it when Sam and Emily’s friends are working… there’s no way that Brian and his friends could have won all those 2 liter bottles of Cherry Coke without some inside help 🙂 .

St. Ann’s is a relatively small parish, but we have LOTS of BIG families.  Therefore there were hundreds of children I know and love at the carnival.  Here’s one of my favorites:

Poor Jonathan – to have such terrible teeth even after Danielle took him to the dentist just the day before!  Really!

Even though our new little chapel isn’t quite done yet, they opened it Saturday so that we could all see it.  My pictures just don’t do it justice.  It’s truly luminous.

So a good day was had by all.  George and I didn’t have quite the endurance of the rest of the family,

so Danny’s nurse Monique came over to take him up to have one last snow cone and to buy and use 35 more tickets… and then she had the infinite patience to wait for him to take all the tokens he’d won at the games and decide exactly which prizes to trade them in for.

Next year, when I choose the liturgical calendar for our kitchen, I’m going to try harder to find one with the really valuable days on it.  And if I can’t find one, I’ll just have to make my own.  First Holy Communion Day and Parish Carnival Day are just too important to leave out.

5 thoughts on “The Church Year

  1. Looks like fun was had by all!

    Our Fall Festival is Saturday, and I should be in the kitchen baking… I get to do the bake sale!

    Better be careful…if friends find out you’re “designing” your own calendar…orders will be pouring in for an “Elizabeth original”!

    Congratulations on the lost tooth, Danny! George looks like he’s feeling a lot better!


  2. It looks like it was a beautiful day for the carnival and we also thank Monique for her patience… Having worked many carnivals as a parent and as as a teacher, the prize selection booth/table takes serious patience as the decision(s) is so hard. 🙂 I’m glad everyone enjoyed the day!

  3. Oh how fun! We are a really small parish so we don’t have a Parish Carnival. It looks like alot of fun though. Good restraint on the no beer for breakfast {grin}

  4. Looks like you all had a great time! I really miss the kids, especially when I see them in pictures! I can’t believe how old Sam looks in that picture by the slide. Is he really in high school now??? Please tell them all hello for me!

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