It’s good to have Danny as a brother.

I’m sorry that I’m too tired for the whole story, but George is HOME and doing OK.

After a tough night with pain issues, low blood pressure, and troubles finding just the right position for his head and neck to make breathing easy, we figured out this morning that thanks to Danny and all his equipment, we can pretty much run hospital-level care in our living room…. from IVs to continuous cardiorespiratory monitoring to vigilant attention to blood pressure, no problem.

So George is home, I am absolutely exhausted, but ever so grateful for your prayers and notes. 

More details and photos tomorrow. 

Love, Elizabeth

13 thoughts on “It’s good to have Danny as a brother.

  1. Thank you for finding energy to post. I have been thinking of / praying for marvelous Mr. George all day and hoping all is well. So glad for you that you are all home together.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to let us know how George is doing! Now all I want you to do is rest as much as possible…he’s going to be one busy little boy when he fully recovers!

    Take care of yourself special friend, we love you!

    Prayers of thankfulness tonight!

  3. How wonderful that George is home. Thank you for letting us know. Prayers will continue for a quick recovery and some peace of mind for you, Dixon, and the kids.

  4. I’m so glad to hear that George is home now. I’ve been praying for you all so much. I know you are relieved that the surgery is over now and I pray that George will have a very quick recovery!

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