Pop quiz. Where am I?

Three hints:

(one video made at the last minute to email to England)

(Emily and George asleep in a fancy hotel room.)

(What I am working on right now instead of sleeping with Emily and George)

That’s it.  Three clues.  Where am I, and why am I here?

16 thoughts on “Pop quiz. Where am I?

  1. Okay, I give up…where are you?!

    I have no clue (although I’m sure your hints are great!), but I could watch George all day! How can you be that smart and cute at the same time?! Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you’re having a good day no matter where you are… or going?

    Love, hugs and prayers.

  2. I think you must be east of Charlotte… in a city whose name I forget… where the NC HS Math & Science is.

    Do I get the prize?

  3. OK, my 2nd guess is that your mom is being honored at some big religious educators’ convention. I haven’t any idea what city, however. One can’t ascertain the hotel brand by looking at two kids sleeping in a bed! No matter how cute the kids are.

  4. I cheated: I had lunch with your mom and Carla. George is absolutley amazing. I, too, so appreciate the interaction between brothers. So while George is having difficulty speaking, he is reading way above his age level.

    You, too, are amazing. Now that I know what you are doing, I am even more impressed. You continue to inspire me with your energy, faith filled life, and spirit.

    Love and prayers.

  5. I am abolutely amazed by George’s accomplishments. And my eyes are all filled up. My guess also was taking Emily to HS. God bless you all 🙂

  6. Ok, I have no idea where you are and couldn’t even guess.

    But where to start on that video! First, I loved, loved, loved it when my kids bear crawled, hands and feet…then the rambuctious waving, Oh my! And the sweet brother time on the porch…and George’s sign for Emily is the same for love…thank you for sharing some of what you love.

  7. Yay, George!!!!!! Whoo hoo!!! Great job reading! clap clap clap (Sam is pretty cool too) (and I have no idea where you are, but who cares, as long as you have George!) Yay, George!

  8. I won’t tell, as I already know, but wanted to report that all is well here, and the roof of your house is still in one piece! I haven’t chanced a look inside….
    Hope this is just as inspiring and exhilarating as anticipated. I know that George is the cutest little fellow there, as well as being the best reader! Love to all, SLP

  9. Your Sam is adorable 🙂 What a wonderful young man! Great reading and signing George! Thanks for sharing your video! I am inspired by watching! Love, Connie

  10. George is AWESOME! I wouldn’t even think of trying to get a toddler to read flashcards, but after seeing him, I guess that it is indeed possible! Best of all, he seems to be having such a wonderful time doing it!

    Wow…good work, Elizabeth!

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