No, Sam, no mailboxes.

Emily turned 16 yesterday.  It was a lovely, fun, sweet day, which is perfect for a lovely, fun, sweet young lady.

She was excused from almost all younger brother care – she had to share her banana, but didn’t change a single diaper all day.

Her birthday gift from me isn’t quite done… they are something called “green screen gloves” which she needs for some fancy video thing.  Emily can turn anything into a video, but these gloves apparently give her some sort of invisibility powers.  Please note the video camera checking out the gloves that aren’t even done yet 🙂 !!

So since the gloves weren’t done, we used that as an excuse to go to the mall, just Emily and me.  I think it’s been years since we went clothes shopping for her at a mall (and then out for lunch)… it wiped me out but we found jeans that fit and a few other cute but appropriate things for school-school this fall.

But then, the highlight of the day.  Papa took her driving on the high school driving range.  She’s never been behind the wheel of a car before, so this was interesting.  She claims that she did great, but Papa’s not saying anything, which is unusual for him. 

Then cake after dinner, with Jane and AJ and the cousins.  I have to tell you about her birthday last year.  She had come home from Interlochen Arts Academy with H1N1 and was immediately put into quarrantine in Jane’s basement (not as bad as it sounds, really…)… Finally, on the evening of her 15th birthday last year, she’d not had a fever for 24 hours, so we let her come up to have dinner with us and do the cake thing.  You know, like blow out the candles.

Big mistake.  Two brothers and two cousins got H1N1 a couple of days later.  You know, when you think about it, blowing out candles is kind of gross… oh well.  It’s not like it’s a tradition we’re going to abandon just because of a few germs.

Poor Dixon and Sam had to miss the celebration… but Emily talked to them and distributed dessert at the same time.  16 year olds are good at multitasking like that.  Sam was most interested in the driving part… “How many mailboxes did you take down, Emily???”  You know, I missed out on a lot of grief by not having brothers 🙂 .

12 thoughts on “No, Sam, no mailboxes.

  1. Happy, happy birthday dear Emily! Looks like you had a fantastic birthday! We are intrigued by the green screen gloves – what do you plan to use them for? Josiah says he would use them to film a one-armed person, but you probably have more interesting applications… 🙂

  2. Happy wonderous 16th birthday to Emily! That was awesome that just you and your Mom got to go shopping and out for lunch without any of those pesky brothers.

    I have to agree with you, Elizabeth, about missing the grief when being raised with only sisters. However, I only had boys, so like you I certainly got to experience the difference! And there IS a difference! I wished for an older brother however, sigh!

  3. Ah, I had three brothers… and you know the stories of each of them! The one who’s still with us here on Earth — the most colorful of them all! The one who passed away in 2003 is the one who’d be most likely to come up with a mailbox comment. But he’d say it in such a way that you’d be sad to answer “ZERO!” 🙂 You know, he’d make it sound like a badge of honor to take down at least ten mailboxes. (Gosh I miss him.)

    Happy Birthday to Emily!

    I like the unfinished Green Screen gloves. She can make a funny video of disembodied fingers floating around space while the gloves are yet unfinished. I know exactly what she’s talking about and look forward to seeing special green-screen videos for not-yet-finished gloves. 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed a day of shopping despite being wiped out after!

    love and hugs! me

  4. happy birthday, emily! 16 already??? those years went by fast.

    and happy BIRTH day to you too, dear elizabeth. i love you. i pray for you. i hope i see you again soon.

  5. Sounds like a great way to spend time with a 16 yr old, practicing driving, shopping for jeans, lunch and family time with CAKE!

    We will be celebrating Will’s 16th birthday next Saturday! I had three younger brothers and that’s why I enjoy time with Beth!

    Can’t wait to see what Emily creates with her “unfinished” gloves… don’t feel bad…at least with you she will have her gloves in no time…as for my unfinished projects…well, that’s just another story!

    Happy Birthday, Emily!!!

  6. I’m not making anything with my unfinished gloves… I was taking a picture to post on Facebook 🙂

    And the gloves wouldn’t make a person look one-armed… they would make an arm-shaped hole in the picture. Just you wait though- they will be put to good use.

  7. Happiest birthday to Emily, though belatedly. Can’t wait to see the things you can create with the green gloves. Things are mighty quiet here, so know that most of you are missed! Take care, have fun and greetings to Midge and Pat, SLP

  8. Josiah does a lot of stuff with green screen techniques so I was thinking if you wore the gloves in front of a green screen you’d be one-armed. But now you really have me curious about what you will do with them -do you post your videos?

  9. Happy Birthday to my wonderful god-daughter, who gets to sleep in the upstairs guest room this summer.

    p.s. I can’t believe how good that cake looks in the picture. It’s amazing the repair work an entire extra can of frosting can do.

  10. Hey I just noticed that Emily have the Sweeney birthday hat on her head! I thought all Sweeney birthdays celebrated in that house had to wear that darn thang!

  11. Happy Birthday Emily! I can’t believe she is already 16! I love that girl and I hope she has a wonderful 16th year! I also love how Sam wanted to know about the mailboxes. Leave it to the brothers…

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